The best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen protectors

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus may be Samsung’s best phone yet, with all-new hardware and a gorgeous design. That design highlights one specific feature — the huge Infinity-O display with a hole-punch for the dual-lens selfie camera. The new Dynamic AMOLED screen has been awarded DisplayMate’s highest ever score for display tech, making it the best smartphone display in the world right now. But one drop could change that.

Samsung ships the S10 range with a film screen protector, but film protectors can wear out fairly quickly, and they’re not great at protecting against falls. It’s likely you’ll want a replacement eventually, or something a little more hard-wearing. There’s also the issue of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Samsung’s new tech is incredible, but it doesn’t work with many glass protectors, so you’ll need to be sure your protector is compatible with Samsung’s coolest new tech.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking for a new film protector to replace your Samsung-applied one, or want a heavier-duty glass protector to take the bigger knocks, here are some of the best Galaxy S10 Plus screen protectors.

Whitestone Dome Glass Protector

Not too worried about spending money as long as your phone’s screen is safe? Whitestone’s Dome screen protector uses a wet application method to stick its toughened glass screen protector to your S10 Plus’ screen. A UV lamp is then used to cure the adhesive, ensuring a tight fit to your screen and a seamless level of touch sensitivity. It fully covers the entirety of your device, including the curved edges, and the adhesive layer means it’ll stay together even if it’s shattered. Thanks to the layer of adhesive, the Whitestone Dome can even be applied to an already broken screen, and the adhesive will fill in the cracks, ensuring a broken screen doesn’t get any worse.

 Whitestone Dome

Spigen NeoFlex Film Protector

Film protectors have plenty of advantages — they’re cheaper, thinner, and in the case of the S10 Plus, they work better with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Spigen makes some excellent cases, but it also makes some great screen protectors to complete all-around protection. NeoFlex is a Spigen classic, and for good reason. It’s sized to fit the S10 Plus’s display perfectly, and it uses a wet installation method that puts a layer of adhesive between the screen protector and the display, and ensures a close fit. While it won’t protect as well as tempered glass in the event of a fall, it’s thinner, and should guard against scratches, dirt, and greasy fingerprints.

Belkin Screenforce Glass Protector

If you’re looking to spend a little less on a glass screen protector, but still want the reassurance of a top name, then check out Belkin’s Screenforce glass protector. It’s made from tough tempered glass, it’s thin, and gives excellent touch sensitivity and screen clarity. It’s also easy to attach to your S10 Plus, thanks to the easy align tray. At $35 it’s cheaper than Whitestone Dome’s offering, though it’s still on the higher end of prices for glass protectors. Still, it works with the ultrasonic scanner, and it’s backed by Belkin’s Limited Lifetime Warranty in the U.S. and Canada. However, it seems you’ll have to wait a little while for it to become available, as it’s not out yet.


Tech Armor Film Protector

Cheap doesn’t mean bad, especially where Tech Armor is concerned. This double-pack of film protectors from Tech Armor is made from Japanese PET film and uses high-quality strong adhesive for a tight, rainbow-free fit that resists bubbling. It comes with an oleophobic coating to resist greasy fingerprints, stops scratches from reaching your screen, and provides excellent clarity and touch sensitivity. It’s thin, so you’ll probably forget it’s applied, and with a double-pack you can be sure you’re getting value for money. It won’t protect against drops and bigger bumps like glass will, but it’s still better than nothing.

Eiger Glass Protector

Because of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner issues, getting a compatible screen protector can be tough. But there is a simple solution to the problem: Just cut a big hole for the sensor. Eiger’s glass protector is made from tough tempered glass that offers advanced shock resistance and conforms to the curves of your device’s display, but it also comes with a hole over the top of the fingerprint scanner, so you can be sure it’s compatible. It’s thin at just 0.33mm, and it’s one of the cheapest currently available at just $22. Yes, you’re leaving a hole in the front of your protection, but if it’s that or sacrifice your new tech, we’d go for the hole.

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