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The best replacement bands for the Skagen Falster 2

The Skagen Falster 2 is one of the best-looking Android smartwatches around, with its stunning display, smooth digital crown, and exposed lugs. But if you’re tired of the standard watch band, here are some fashionable and inexpensive alternatives.

Breathable and comfy

Fintie Skagen Falster 2 20mm Replacement Strap

Staff pick


Simple to assemble, the Fintie Skagen Falster 2 replacement band is made from a steel mesh that has small loops to make the band more breathable and comfortable to wear. It also has a magnetic clasp that has a strong lock, securing the strap to your wrist with minimal risk of it falling off. The band also has a quick pin release, allowing you to install and remove it, and comes in a number of attractive colors.

$13 at Amazon

Adjustable weight and length

Lamshaw Skagen Falster 2 Replacement Band


Fitting a wrist length of 145mm to 208mm, the Lamshaw Skagen Falster 2 replacement band is made from stainless steel links. Eight pieces of these links are removable, allowing you to adjust the length of the band, as well as making it lighter or heavier. It also comes in different colors, such as black, silver and rose gold, to give you more of an option to personalize your replacement band.

$18 at Amazon

Magnetic closure

Fullmosa Skagen Falster 2 20mm Replacement Strap


Compatible with watches even outside the Skagen Falster, the Fullmosa can be used on other watches if you so choose. It comes with quick-release pins for simple installation and assembling. With the replacement band’s magnetic closure, you’ll be able to secure the band onto your wrist, as well as take it off without having to overtly fiddle with straps or the like.

$15 at Amazon

Flexible and durable

Wonlex Skagen Falster 2 20mm Replacement Strap


Made from silicone, the Wonlex Skagen Falster 2 replacement strap is flexible and can be twisted and bent without any lasting damage. The Wonlex is also water-resistant and has multiple holes embedded into the silicone body of the strap, ideal in getting air to the wrist so that, during physical activity, perspiration and sweat will not be an issue.

$12 at Amazon

Switch and swap

Lwsengme Skagen Falster 2 Replacement Band


The Lwsengme replacement band for your Skagen Falster 2 is adjustable and can fit wrists of 165mm to 215mm. The replacement band is compatible with any 20mm smartwatch, allowing you to switch and swap between watches if necessary. The band also has air holes to help air get access to your wrist, helping your skin breathe more freely.

$10 at Amazon

Durable and thick

Embiele Skagen Falster 2 20mm Replacement Strap


Made from nylon, the Embiele is tear- and sweat-resistant, ensuring it will wear well even after heavy workouts. The nylon is thick in order to bring durability to the band. It also fits wrist sizes of 147mm to 208mm, allowing you to readjust the size of the watch to your liking.

$8 at Amazon

The replacement bands for the Skagen Falster 2 will be durable, flexible and useful for different situations, such as doing physical activity and wearing it around your home. With that in mind, our favorite replacement band has to be the Fintie Skagen Falster 2 20mm Replacement Strap for its beautiful style on any wrist.

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