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Logitech G430 7.1 DTS Headphone Review

The Logitech G430 Headphones are one of the best, cheap gaming headphones currently on the market. The mic is very crystal-clear because it can filter lots of noises, they offer a very decent audio quality for critical listening, and their vibrant blue color which catches the eye at a glance, makes these gaming headphones look, and have a smart product design. The Logitech G430 is able to work with multiple consoles because of the 3.5 dual input to USB adapter which is included. This means they function perfectly with computers (windows vista, 7, and 8) as well as PlayStation 4.


Unlike its cousin the G230 which comes in red, the Logitech G430 comes in blue foam padding. Overall they have a blue and black design with an expandable headband which has comfortable foam padding and a crystal clear adjustable mic. They may look simple yet they are elegant.

The cloth used in making the headset is gentle and soft. They are much lighter than other headsets. The volume controller is located at the cord instead of the headset.

The materials used in making the headphone are plastic and steel.

They appear to be fragile and if mishandled frequently they can be damaged quite fast.

Unfortunately, the mic is undetachable however, it is designed to swivel.
The cable which connects to the headset is also undetachable.

The cable has a USB adapter which turns the split speaker and mic cable into a USB connection.

They have a wide headband and large swiveling ear-cups which are spacious and large enough meaning they can fit most listeners’ ears comfortably.


This Logitech product doesn’t come with any programmable buttons. The controls which are available are the volume control wheel and a mic mute switch. They are both located at the inline panel making the headset to be much lighter.


The ear cups pervious pads are able to allow air flow keeping the outer ear comparatively cool.
However, if they are used while doing fatiguing physical activities, they may cause a bit more sweating than the average since the ear-cups pads seal fairly good around the ears. They are rather limited to gaming mainly. They are not ideal in sports and swimming.


They offer good stability when used in casual circumstances. However, they may not be ideal for working out or running.

The Microphone

The Logitech G430 microphone works superbly in noisy situations because they have the ability to separate unwanted noise from speech in a very noisy environment. The speech which is made in rather quiet environments or transmitted with this mic will have a lot of detail and presence.

The undetachable mic makes the headphones not to be mostly outdoor friendly.


These headphones are meant to be wired passive. They are able to provide audio with console controllers which are compatible with them like the PC and the PS4 through the USB adapter.

They do not offer Bluetooth connection meaning they also don’t have a wireless range.

They do not have a dock.

Suitable for home theater and gaming because the USB wired connection of the headphones has negligible latency.


The headphones can be connected once purchased to the Logitech Gaming Software program which will enable any user to link games, make profiles and fine-tune any performance.

Music Performance

The distinction in the bass or treble is not that great. If you want to listen to pieces with acute harmonies, there’s not much variation to be heard.


Although they are somehow light in weight due to the materials used in manufacturing if compared to its competitors, they are still big, bulky and have large ear-cups that lay flat only and can’t fold into a denser format. They do not come equipped with a pouch or a case and can be hectic to carry them if a person does not have a bag or a backpack.

Logitech G430 Pros

  • The switch between 3.5mm jacks and USB is helpful for players with multiple gaming consoles.
  • The cables are really long.
  • Overall design and feel are excellent. The company really emphasized on the weight and the ear-cup designs.
  • 1 surround system works eloquently.
  • Has a swivel mic which is convenient and comfortable.

Logitech G430 Cons

  • Have no customizable gaming keys.
  • To others, it may have unappealing colors.
  • It has comparatively high leakages and poor noise isolation.
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