Music is one of those things that I love to take with me everywhere I go. Whether I’m driving the car, going for a run, or doing laundry at home, I always listen to music as it instantly energizes me and brightens up my day. Although I’ve used my iPod as my go-to music player for many years, it is not the most convenient option, since it means that I need to carry around both my iPod and my phone. So, I finally decided to make the switch and do my music listening directly from my phone. I mentioned this to a friend, and he recommended that I check out a list of supposedly the best 10 music player apps.

Best 10 Apps for Music Player

I ended up finding quite a few options that I liked. So, I picked my top 3 favorites and reviewed them.

Pi Music Player – Play more than just music

One of the apps I really liked is Pi Music Player as you can listen to everything from music and podcasts to audiobooks and other media files, all in one place. You can select from various themes to personalize your player exactly as you want. And, you can also set a sleep timer, so that you can fall asleep listening to your favorite music. Another plus I found is that you can easily create customized ringtones by trimming any part of a song or audio file in your music library.

While I found the free version of Pi Music Player to be pretty well rounded, there is also an option to upgrade to a premium version for a small fee. This unlocks a variety of music player features that are not available in the free version. So, if you want to take full control over your music library, you might consider making the small investment.

Music Player Pro – Instantly find song lyrics

Another music player app I really liked is Music Player Pro. The main reason I liked it is because of its song lyrics features. Not only can you read lyrics on the screen as you listen to songs, but you can also find the official song lyrics to any song you are listening to without exiting the app. So, no need to search on Google! I also liked that you can easily add songs to a queue to create playlists on the spot and listen to an endless stream of music. Another plus is the user interface. It is simple, elegant and intuitive, making it easy to find songs on the go.

The only drawback I found is that when you first add music to your library, Music Player Pro automatically adds all media files on your phone. So, you might end up with some audio files that you don’t want on your music library. However, I found that it is easy enough to scroll through and remove unwanted songs from the library.

jetAudio HD Music Player – Add sound effects to your songs

Last, my third pick is jetAudio HD Music Player. I found this to be a great choice if you want to enhance your music listening experience by adding sound effects to your music, including speed changes, pitch variations, and more. Like my previous pick, you can also view song lyrics directly from the app, which is great if you enjoy singing along to your favorite songs. I also really liked the customization options, as you can choose from different screen widgets to control your music from your home screen, and you can choose from different theme configurations too.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you will see occasional ads. While they don’t appear frequently, you see will see one every now and then between song plays. On the upside, you can click out of them easily enough and get back to listening to music, all while enjoying all of the music player features without any cost to your wallet.


So, these are my top 3 favorite music player apps. After spending a little over a week with each of my picks, I have decided that Music Player Pro is my personal favorite as I love how easy it is to find lyrics while listening to songs. However, the other ones are really great too, so it just comes down to your personal preference. Have fun listening to music!