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5 Tools for Better Management of Your Construction Projects


Managing a construction project is one of the most challenging tasks for any person. With several processes taking place simultaneously, it is but difficult to keep an eye on everything and not miss the little errors. Searose Project Management advise that in the age of digitisation, it has become imperative to have a construction project management software to manage a construction project from beginning till end.

Find details of 5 tools for better management of your construction tools below.

With the following five tools, you can manage your project like a pro.


Procore, cloud-based software is created by Procore Technologies Inc. for the construction industry. It uses the latest technologies to offer a simple, intuitive and safe cloud-based solution. It is an all-in-one mobile platform for streamlining construction processes.

It can control multiple projects, take unlimited collaborators on board and also let users track the progress over the devices. Procore is laden with numerous features such as drawing management and change order system besides RFI in project management. It is an integrated platform to check vital data and strengthen standard operations. Anyone can collaborate at anytime from anywhere with Procore.


Buildertrend, a construction PM software is often used by custom builders, home builders, remodelers and speciality contractors. With this cloud-based solution, construction companies can manage their projects, costly errors and speed up project completion to enhance customer satisfaction.

Buildertrend helps in the managing project schedule, communication, tasks, documents, budget and some more within a construction project. The tool is ideal for remodelers and builders, specifically created for undertaking custom projects.  It can be reached via any internet enabled device.

Any conflict is immediately caught by the builder’s eye when scheduled.


BuildTools is an integrated, web-based construction management software. It is a modular platform created to control back office operations of remodelers and custom builders in addition to connecting all involved. The users can benefit by managing their budgets, issue purchase orders, schedule subcontractors and many more behind the scene processes. Not just this, they can sync and keep their projects updated.

This single platform offers document management, bid management, communication, budgeting, accounting, integration, purchase orders, and more.

The tool is perfect for people who are into home remodelling.

UDA Construction

UDA Construction online unifies the main areas of the construction operations such as project management, customer management and project scheduling. The tool aims at minimising the price of construction by giving users immediate access and some simple tools that can speed up the construction work, management, planning and collaboration.

The software can enhance collaboration between the team members and also the stakeholders by sending notifications and updating them with the advancement of the project, the to-do lists, alterations in the project and the information to be used. UDA Construction Online streamlines all the tasks and activities of businesses working in remodelling and homebuilding industry.


RedTeam is a construction project management software for commercial construction companies. It is developed and designed by the actual contractors. The solution presents features, functionalities and smooth integration to assist the users in staying on top of everything that is connected to the management of a construction project beginning from the pre-construction conceptualisation to the execution of the ideas till the end.

RedTeam accomplishes the various tasks by keeping the team members through their mobile devices and PCs. RedTeam can take care of various facets of the construction business including estimating, service management, equipment management, accounting and more.

Those were five construction project management tools for your construction. Pick the right one!

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