Monday, December 4, 2023

Network Mapping 101: Understanding the Foundations of NMS


What is Network Mapping?

Network mapping is a method that’s used to determine virtual and physical network connectivity through a group of interrelated tasks that make the creation of the map including network diagrams, flowcharts, device inventories, topology detection.

Network mapping software is geared towards using visual aids and other material to be used for a wide range of purposes (i.e., network maintenance).

Since network mapping has evolved into a study of a broader field of computer science, network mapping is increasing in importance with the sudden rise of larger, complex networks, cloud computing, globalization, and dynamic networks.  

How Does Network Mapping Work?

To go in depth, Network mapping software has systems that use an active probe that retrieves information that’s presented in the network through packets. The packets hop from node to node, making it easier to obtain data from other computers or devices on the network.

In larger elements such as the Internet and other constituents, the probe might be limited to just getting general and non-confidential node information (IP, MAC Address, etc.).

Network Mapping makes it easier for administrators to visualize a network and divide it into smaller proportions. This allows the NA to view and analyze the network, check for errors,  and find the details that show the machine’s root analysis.

Through using the mapping network software’s active monitoring module, you’ll be able to track changes in real time. This is a good advantage for network providers and ISP (Internet Service Providers), as well as others that operate on a large network.

What Techniques Are Used To Gather Information

Here are the three main techniques that network mapping software used to gain information:

  • SNMP: shows data retrieved from switches and routers
  • Active: Probes IP address range via traceroute functionality
  • Route – Analyze nearby route products

As network mapping evolved through time, improvements have been noted in time on how long it takes for the software to complete tasks. You can monitor the hosting uptime/downtime process, applications, services, and a multitude of other options.

Network maps are great security tools. They can create a snapshot of who is connected to your wireless or wired network at any time. If the mop shows a suspicious IP address or connection, it can be viewed and disconnected.

The mapping views are easy and straightforward, providing as much or little information needed. Also, it needs to be noted that network mapping is most effective when it’s used as a dynamic task. Your nature needs to be monitored for periodic changes in activity.

Some organizations that create a weekly schedule, others have one that’s more often. While the frequency will rely on the complexity and size of the network, making a consistent schedule is important.


Through network mapping software, businesses can detect threats immediately. It allows their employees to be productive, as their activity is also monitored via the software. We suggest that you try some software on your own and see how it impacts the management and functionality of your business.

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