Amazon Live is a new livestreaming service designed to take on QVC

Watch and shop at the same time.


When you shop on Amazon, it’s usually a pretty solitary experience. You hop on the app or website, browse for what you want, add it to your cart, check out, and you’re done. In what’s likely an effort to try and make that experience a bit more social, Amazon’s rolling out a new platform called “Amazon Live.”

If you’ve ever watched QVC before, that’s essentially what Amazon Live is. It’s a collection of video streams in which products from Amazon are demonstrated by live hosts. A carousel below the video stream highlights which products are being talked about, and if you’d like, you can click to go to the product page right from Amazon Live.


Amazon has a few different streams to choose from, including Valentine’s Day Gift Shop, Smart Home Simplified, and Back To Business Live. You can also go back and watch past live streams, and on some, customers/viewers can interact with hosts via a live chat.

Unknown to me, Amazon apparently tried something similar to this back in 2017 called Style Code Live. However, while Style Code Live focused specifically on beauty and fashion products, Amazon Live is pushing everything from jewelry to the Nintendo Switch.

You can check out Amazon Live right here on your desktop, and on mobile, some users are starting to see an Amazon Live tab right in the app.

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