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These are the best microSD cards for the Razer Phone 2

The Razer Phone 2 offers a slew of improvements over Razer’s first attempt at making a gaming phone, but one spec they didn’t budge on was internal storage. The 64GB might be enough for most, but it can fill up fast if you install a ton of premium games from the Google Play Store and download your favorite music and Netflix shows for offline viewing. Fortunately, Razer has included a microSD slot for expandable storage so here are the best options

Best overall pick

Samsung 128GB EVO Plus

There’s going to be a lot of back and forth between Samsung and SanDisk on this list, but only the former offers a 128GB card with slightly faster write speeds than the others for under $30.

$28 at Amazon

Double up for less

Samsung 64GB EVO


There are smaller cards available for less, but to double up your phone’s storage for just $15 — how can you turn that down? Samsung’s EVO microSD cards are incredibly reliable and a great option for your Razer Phone 2 if you don’t want to spend much to double up your phone’s storage.

$15 at Amazon

Durable and fast

SanDisk Extreme 64GB


SanDisk’s 64GB microSD card is a bit pricier than Samsung’s, but it’s fully capable of recording 4K UHD video and is backed by a lifetime warranty. As the “Extreme” branding suggests, these cards have been designed to withstand all sorts of stress and even radiation so you never have to worry about durability.

$29 at Amazon

Triple-up for less

Sandisk Ultra 200GB

There are listings for the SanDisk Ultra 200GB on Amazon for $10 less— but a concerning number of customer reviews stating the card they received is fake. Some deals are too good to be true, but this card is still a great value for around $50.

$53 at Amazon

Bring it all with you

Samsung Evo Plus 256GB


Any card that’s 256GB or bigger is going to probably be for someone who wants to migrate a huge library of games, movies, and TV shows onto their phone. The Razer Phone 2 is also a great device for gaming emulation and watching content on the go. This is a top-class microSD that’s sold directly via Amazon.

$55 at Amazon

Most space possible

PNY Elite 512GB

We’re honestly not sure how you plan to fill a 512GB card, but if you think you need that much space the Razer Phone 2 can handle it with ease. The camera on the Razer Phone 2 is not entirely worthy of all of what this card can do, but if you’ll certainly be able to take photos and videos at the top settings.

$280 at Amazon

Speaking from experience, having the ability to sideload your own content onto the Razer Phone 2 is a wonderful feature for retro gamers and movie fans. The Razer Phone 2, in particular, has a really great combo of display and front-facing speakers watching media and gaming on the go. For most people, the Samsung 128GB EVO Plus card will be your best option thanks to its great balance of speed, storage space, and most importantly the price.

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