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Keep tabs on your weight loss goals with these smart scales

Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss journey or you’re deep into a workout regimen and just want to start tracking your weight, BMI, and more, a smart scale is an awesome way to keep your fitness goals in check. These scales connect to a corresponding app on your phone or tablet and show you comprehensive results that you wouldn’t get from a regular ol’ bathroom scale.

Best value

Eufy BodySense


For only $40, the Eufy BodySense is quite fully-featured, giving you 12 measurements, including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and a bunch more. The BodySense supports up to 20 separate users, and every user gets their personal results on the scale automatically. It also fully integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health.

$40 at Amazon

Great ecosystem

Fitbit Aria 2


Fitbit’s smart body scale automatically syncs up with the Fitbit app and adds all your metrics in tandem with your Fitbit trackers. The Aria 2 tracks body weight, body fat percentage, lean mass, and BMI. It also supports up to eight users, and you don’t even need your phone open for your info to sync.

$100 at Amazon

Alexa integration

Withings (Nokia) Body+


This scale has been at the top of many best lists since it was released since it tracks all the metrics you could want, and it now features Alexa integration, so you can manage your weight using the Health Mate Skill. The Body+ supports up to eight users, automatically syncs with the Health Mate app, and you’ll even get the weather forecast right on the scale, as well as nutrition tracking in the app.

$75 at Amazon

Budget pick

Renpho smart scale


If the price is the most important motivator, this is the best scale you can get for under $40. It syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and even the Fitbit app. The app may not sync immediately, but you still don’t need your phone at weigh-in. Things will sync up when you open the app again. It gives your 13 measurements, including BMI and body fat percentage.

$30 at Amazon

For Garmin users

Garmin Index


If you use Garmin’s fitness trackers (which are excellent, by the way), then this is the smart scale for you, since it’ll integrate all your metrics and give you a better overall picture of your fitness level. The Index recognizes specific users automatically and can support up to 16 people.

$120 at Amazon

Gather round

QardioBase 2


The QardioBase 2 tracks weight, BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage, water weight, and bone mass. There’s also a pregnancy mode, which disables the bioelectric impedance monitor and lets you input your due date and track progress through each trimester using charts and a photo diary.

$99 at Amazon

Whole-health solution

Polar Balance smart scale


The Polar Balance scale, while not a fitness tracker, takes your whole health into account, not just your weight. The app also provides personalized daily activity goals, diet recommendations, and there’s even a web dashboard to track everything if you want a bigger picture. This scale has a sleek design and comes in black or white.

$90 at Amazon

Well-reviewed and popular

Yunmai Premium smart scale


Yunmai’s scale measures 10 metrics, including body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass, water weight, bone mass, and more. It supports up to 16 users, claims setup takes only 5 seconds, and syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and the Fitbit app.

$72 at Amazon

A smart scale can take your weight management beyond just your weight, giving you a better overall picture of your health and fitness, with easy-to-manage metrics and some great-looking designs. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, I highly recommend the Eufy BodySense, since it does what more expensive scales do very well for much less.

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