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An Essay on The Best Way toImprove English through Smartphones Applications

In this digital age learning multiple different things, not an uphill task. Smart devices are available at your disposal anywhere at any time to finish any available job. Cell phones are increasingly used as a source to get information and attain knowledge at any topic.

Mobile phones are no longer behaving as a simple telephone, a device which used to make or receive any call. Also personal digital assistants are not only organizing your task or data, but also your life nowadays. Smart phones are combining the best features of devices adding more.

Here’s a list of the various applications you can get for your mobile with the help of internet.Particularly learning English as a second language, we will take you through all the process and the applications available for your phone by accessing you can teach yourself English as easy as buying an essay online anywhere anytime.

Internet Access

These compressed digital wonders offer for Internet access, more with fast speed internet access. In this way, you can link to your email account or most loved websites from wherever you are available for 24 hours, 7days a week. Regardless of whether you’re in travel, in a lodging in the midst of some recreation, on a business tour, or whatever, you don’t need to bindyourself to a desktop personal computer or laptop to receive or transmit data.

With the help of the internet at your cell phone, you can likewise get to any web based learning programs you’re engaged with, whenever you feel convenient. Being somewhere else doesn’t prevent you from learning English or anything else. In any case you will stay up to date on your learnings.


Google translator is one of the best and a progressively improving application for the smartphones to translate many languages into English or vice versa.With the help of Google Translator, you can interpret text, website pages, and various documents. Type something in your native language and ask the translator to translate this into English or your required langue, with the delay of just one click you will find translated content. Now you can contemplate the English rendition to adapt new words, expressions, grammar, and punctuation and style as applies to the English.

Google also introduced the voice option to its translator where you can speak any language which this application detect and translate that into English language. This is one of the widely used applications among tourists, particularly and for many other academic and social purposes.

Online/Mobile Dictionary

Access the world’s best word references through a smartphone. Reading a newspaper or magazine in a coffee shop and you run over a new English word or expression. Switch on your cell phone, get to your dictionary application, and get the updated meaning of that word instantly. It is absolutely valuable and doesn’t require taking hefty dictionary book version of Oxford, Cambridge or Webster’s along with.

Book Reader Applications

You love reading while can’t hold books or collection of books alongwith you all the time while traveling, enjoying snacks or coffee in a coffee shop, book reading applications are superb to fulfil your reading hunger on the go. Different applications allow you to download your most loved fiction, true to life, or verse books from a website improving your English reading skills on the go.

There’s no compelling reason to move your elbow to open a hardor soft cover with your palm-sized reader exhibiting a story to you.

Amazon’s Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, Wattpad, Goodreads, Kobo, ibooks and FB reader are the most free ebook reader applications for iOS and android users containing millions of free books in their e-library to download and read.

Newspaper & Magazine

Looking for the latest news among all the city’s famous newspapers, however, don’t need a newsprint heaping up at home? Almost every popular newspaper nowadays has their own mobile application for the smartphones iOS as well for Android users such as Independent, Telegraph, guardian, Evening standard and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As people are becoming more familiar with internet applications and using the internet throughout their day and night on smartphones, tablets and PCs, more and more newspapers and magazines companies’ “do Apps” with an end goal to increase their circulations. Hence, with the help of these applications you can improve your English language abilities through reading papers and magazines right on your palm.

Word Games

Nothing can make learning more interesting than the games. Word games can teach you work building and increase your vocabulary. Wordscapes, Alphabear, Typshift, FourlettersBlackbar, Crosswords and Word Cookies are some of popular words games for iOS and android users teaching you word building, vocabulary etc.




Photo Applications

With Photo applications you can access photo and learn about people, places, or things through a web search. You can have a photo as a starting point and then looking out for text related to these photos on the internet. This not only improves your English reading abilities, but also develop internet searching skills.

Google Photos/images, Instagram, Flickr-Yahoo, MobileMe Gallery-Apple Inc., Nikon Learn and Explore – Nikon, Inc., are famous free photography applications available for iOS and Android users.

Video Applications

Through world biggest video database www.youtube.com you can search millions of online lectures, tutorials, IELTS and TOEFL Guided videos and general English language proficiency videos on your smartphone. Tune in to your famous English language channel and focus on given lessons and exercises, become familiar with the importance of words through coordinating the conversing with the visual portrayals on screen. Other video applications available to download on your smartphone are Dailymotion, Howcast, WorldView, The Weather Channel, and some more.

Audio Book Applications

Audio books are also available on the internet to download and listen on your smartphone with headphones. You can also get the audio version of your most loved novels. By downloading Google Play Books, Audible, LibriVox, Libby, Audiobooks, etc. for iOS and Android devices help learn English language as well as enjoying novel while resting your fatigued eyes.

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