A new Twitter page signals Oppo’s official launch in the U.K.

Chinese brand Oppo is gearing up to officially launch its phones in the U.K., as evidenced by the launch of an official Oppo Mobile U.K. Twitter account, Facebook page, and a U.K.-specific webpage. While there are precious few details on which phones will release and when — the website is still under construction, and the Twitter account is keeping mum when questioned — it’s clear that a launch is on the way, and it’s something for U.K. readers to get excited about.

If you’re not familiar with Oppo as a brand, then you’re not alone. While very well known in countries like China and India, Oppo isn’t an immediately familiar name for many outside of Asia. You’re likely far more aware of one of its most prominent child companies though — OnePlus. Much of OnePlus’s tech, from its design to its frighteningly fast charging — is based on Oppo’s hardware, and Oppo has apparently decided that now is the time to step out from behind the stage curtain and bask in the limelight itself.

Make way for OPPO! We saw an OPPOrtunity to bring you cutting edge mobile and we took it! The NO.4 global smartphone brand is coming to the UK. #LightTheWorld #LoveTechnology #OPPOUK pic.twitter.com/4Hbl3tsRX2

— OPPO Mobile UK (@OPPOMobileUK) January 9, 2019

This won’t be just another smartphone company either — Oppo is famous for pushing tech innovation as far as it can go, and it’s perhaps best known for its super-fast charging technology. Its fastest, Super VOOC, is supposedly capable of recharging a phone from 0-100 in just 35 minutes. We were impressed by that technology in the Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition, and we can’t wait to see it become available in more regions.

The Oppo Find X is, of course, another reason to be excited about Oppo. While not the best phone we’ve ever tested, it was one of the most beautiful. That was in large part thanks to the motorized camera module that allows the cameras to hide inside the phone’s body — meaning the front of the phone was almost all display. It was stunningly beautiful, and it may be among Oppo’s initial portfolio of U.K. devices when it finally launches.

UK, OPPO mobile has landed!We combine cutting edge #Technology, #Innovation and #Creativity into every smartphone, so you can light up the New Year in #Style. pic.twitter.com/YlR06dKdZG

— OPPO Mobile UK (@OPPOMobileUK) January 8, 2019

At the moment there’s no news on which devices will be launched in the U.K., or if Oppo has teamed with any U.K. carriers. We have reached out to Oppo Mobile UK for comment, and will update this story if we hear back.

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