Hungry? Get a pizza delivery in 30 minutes.

Millennials just like me are unlikely to cook and lean towards ordering burger, pasta or pizza from a food joint. In fact, it’s this convenience that makes pizza a coveted meal on the globe.

Millennials are shifting their food preference from traditional dine outs to on-demand food delivery systems. Owing to the wide reach of restaurants, unlimited cuisines and the option to make payment in a single tap, pizza delivery apps are making lives easier! Period!

According to research by Nielsen, at least 50 percent of the entire United States population own a smartphone. The population depends on their device for everything, from driving directions, banking, dining to shopping.

If you’re running a pizzeria, delivery apps are a cost-effective tool to jumpstart sales. If done well, you’ll be able to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Having an app signifies you’re an active player in the market. Someone who is ready to compete. But maybe you’re wondering why invest in an app when you still have your website in place?

Well, in comparison to websites, apps are more streamlined, efficient and easier to navigate on a smartphone. A basic delivery app will include the following.

A full menu with attractive photos alongside their prices. Any updated special, something capable of automation at POS. the location information that includes a map. A good app will have a loyalty program link in and an effective payment functionality.

If your app doesn’t have these basic features, there’s a reason to worry. You need to ask yourself whether you’re giving any value to your clients or not. If you don’t offer them value, they’ll move to other businesses, where they can get different choices. You don’t want this to happen.

Apps provide customers with greater control. The fulfillment is often accurate as an order moves from the buyer’s phone to the kitchen. Some data show that sales are also likely to get higher. That’s because the buyers can see the images of pizza they want to buy before buying it. Further, they use plastic money to make payments. You don’t have to worry about banking or losing cash. Payment is sent directly to your bank account.

But why use an app when you can have customers calling you? Well, as a pizzeria, your objective is to make pizza and not answer calls. With a good app, clients can explore your menu and browse its every category. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take calls. Having an app allows your customers to search your products and make a decision to buy or not before contacting you.

Before starting an app development process, the pizzeria should ask whether the app meets its primary needs. In the world of pizza, apps are ideal for deliveries and carry out spots where guests make use of advance orders.

At the end of the day, the mobile delivery app you choose needs to make sense to your pizzeria.