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Here’s every Keyblade confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3


Best answer: With Kingdom Hearts 3 coming ever closer, we know where you can get some Exclusive Keyblades, World Exclusive Keyblades, our potential Seekers of Light Keyblades and some other surprise keyblades to boot!

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A Keyblade Chooses Its Master

The time is nearly upon us, Keyblade wielders! With Kingdom Hearts 3 going gold on the 20th of November, the release for looms ever closer. They can’t take it away from us now! Right? (Please give Kingdom Hearts 3 to us!) For this list, we are going to be talking about every exclusive Keyblade that is available to get at the time of writing, world Keyblades, guardians of light, seekers of darkness and some other rogue Keyblades that may appear in the game.

The other Keyblades are hints to things that have been in trailers and what their corresponding Keyblades would be.

Got it? Great, let’s get going.

Exclusive Keyblades

Xbox Phantom Green Digital Pre-Order Bonus
PS4 Midnight Blue Digital Pre-Order Bonus
Xbox & PS4 Dusk til Dawn Japanese 711
Xbox & PS4 Dusk til Dawn Pre-Order on Amazon.com
Xbox & PS4 Starlight Completion of Classic Kingdom in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross

World Exclusive Keyblades


Toy Story Infinity Badge
Big Hero 6 Nano Gear
Tangled Ever After
Frozen Crystal Snow
The Pirates of the Caribbean Rudder of Fate
Monsters Inc. Smile Gear

Guardians of Light Keyblades


While our seekers of light haven’t all been confirmed yet, these are the Keyblades that will be making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Sora Kingdom Key
Riku Braveheart (previously – Way to Dawn)
Kairi Destiny’s Embrace
King Mickey Star Seeker and/or Kingdom Key-D
Aqua Master Keeper (previously – Rainfall/Stormfall)
Tera/Lingering Will Earth Shaker / Ends of the Earth
Ventus Wayward Wind

Seekers of Darkness Keyblades


Since the opposition also are Keyblade wielders it’s important to think about what Keyblades we’ll expect from them.

Master Xehanort No Name
Vanitus Void Gear
Young Xehanort No Name

Other Keyblade Users


Kingdom Hearts is not a simple franchise, and we’ve already seen plenty of surprises so far in the trailers with the return of Data Riku. So, here are the list of Keyblades and their wielders who will turn up in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Roxas Kingdom Key / Oathkeeper / Two Become One / Oblivion
Xion Kingdom Key / Oathkeeper / Two Become One
Data-Sora Kingdom Key
Data Riku (Riku Replica) Soul Eater

That’s all we know for the time being about Kingdom Hearts 3 confirmed details. What are you excited to see on the list? Are there any old keyblades you’d like to see a return to Kingdom Hearts 3? Let me know in the comments down below. Don’t forget, Kingdom Hearts 3 releases on the 29th of January 2019!


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