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Apple New App development Program for Women Entrepreneurs: A Look


The tech industry has millions of people working around it the world over, but women are still represented disproportionately. Sure, you might love playing online games on your pc or smartphone with a caesars casino bonus code, but did you know that most app development teams today consist primarily of men? It’s no secret that women have a talent for app development, but their misrepresentation seems to step from the fact that they have traditionally been seen in house keeping roles than working in an industry as advanced as the tech one.

More women today though want a part in app development, and giants like Apple are stepping up to offer opportunity for them to just that.

The number of female developers is rising and there is a need to empower them. Apple’s new program is planning to do just that, and we will be taking a look at the details below.

The Entrepreneur Camp

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it would empower females in the app development market. The camp which will be held in January will give women an opportunity to learn from Apple Designers.

The company is encouraging every woman who has an app development company to participate in the two-week camp. However, to participate you will need to fulfil the following qualifications:

  • The company must be female-founded, female co-founded or female-led.
  • There should be at least one woman who is part of the app development team.
  • Up to three members of your company can join the team. But at least one should be a woman developer.

Apple is seeking to empower women longevity in the tech world. Once the camp has come to an end, the participants will continue to enjoy support from the company.

The Top Challenges Facing Women in the Tech Industry

According to studies, the number of women leaving the tech field is twice higher than that of men. This has led to underrepresentation in the technology sector. This is saddening because the tech industry is rapidly growing.

However, it all begins in the STEM education. Young girls express their interest to study STEM and computer science. But once they start pursuing this careers they always end up changing their minds. Thus this begs the question what could be the reason why they change their minds?

One of the most prevalent reasons why women leave the tech industry is maltreatment. Women tend to face unfair behaviour compared to men. Moreover, they face bullying and sexual harassment firsthand which causes them to leave their careers.

Apple is looking to help women to stand up for themselves. Women are the driving force of an economy. Most of the apps which are out here have been founded by women, and you wouldn’t want to lose out on that.

As Apple is seeking to empower women, more tech companies should also follow suit. There is a need to appreciate women who are in the tech industry.

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