Are you crazy about taking photos with your iPhone? Then you need some special and the best photo editing apps to make your pictures awesome. Fortunately, there is a great choice of various programs from the simplest one-click best free photo editors to more complex applications that can make magnificent changes in the photographs. If you are looking for the best photo editing app, here are 10 popular programs for you to choose.

10 Best Photo Editing Apps

  1. Fotor

This picture editing app has been among the best for a long time. It is recommended in many photographers’ lists and blogs due to the variety of available picture editing tools and features. According to Fotor reviews, it is good for photo color correction. If you need, you can apply tools that change saturation, sharpness, shadows, brightness, contrast, etc. Moreover, this is the best photo editing app for PC too and lets you use more than a hundred filters to make your pictures incredible. Its disadvantage is that you need to register. Besides, it is one of the most expensive applications for image editing.

  1. Snapseed

Thanks to its usability and a variety of excellent tools for photo editing, this app is one of the most popular ones on the market. Adjustment of some basic options such as highlights, shadows, and contrast is available for you. Still, there is an opportunity to remove unwanted objects. The diverse filters help to enhance images just in a few seconds. To get amazing photos you can add a blur effect, change textures or a color palette. Moreover, the Snapseed photo editor allows you to apply already configured plugins to enhance similar images. This will significantly speed up the process. It is an excellent app for those, who take only the first steps in iPhone photography. It is absolutely free. It won’t take you long to figure out how everything works. Another plus is that you don’t need to purchase additional tools to use the app to the fullest.

  1. Photo Lab

Despite the fact that you will not find Photo Lab in the list of the best selfie editing apps for Android, it has a fairly large range of necessary functions. There are lots of effects, tools, frames, 640 filters, and other features at your disposal. All this will help you create brilliant photo collections. Make montages, stitch effects, perform slight image editing and get impressive photos to show your friends. For starters, we recommend downloading the free version, although it contains watermarks and advertisements. Once you have mastered this version, you can buy a pro one.

  1. Pixlr

Many of our readers recommend Pixlr for image editing. Thanks to the one-touch tools for picture improving, you can enhance your images in a few clicks. In addition, you can apply various tools and functions to achieve the desired results. The developers created an option for you to work with nice filters that the program recognizes as “overlays”. You can work with some cosmetic editing tools and whiten teeth or remove some small flaws with their help.

  1. Adobe apps

Over the last years, Adobe has provided amateurs and pro-photographers with several helpful picture editing apps. Various versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom are among the most famous and widely-used. Each program contains a great number of features, which you can apply in your workflow.  While working with these photo editing apps for PC, you will be able to perform such easy operations as teeth whitening or removing red eyes. More complex improvements are also available. It is possible to work with RAW files taken with your DSLR camera or a smartphone. Lightroom is regularly updated so be ready to check new versions. The only disadvantage is that every user gas to get the subscription if he/she wants to have all features the programs offer.

  1. VSCO

Another cool option for photo editing on iPhone is VSCO. Downloading it, you get a great collection of filters. If you are fond of vintage style or want to give your images an understated look, this app is ideal for these goals. This program offers more subtle filters that aren’t as overwhelming as in other applications. It is possible to use soft, easily customized presets that can give your images a popular faded look. Alter the power of presets to match your preferences. The image editing tools help you adjust color scheme and exposure. You can get the basic package for free and then add a collection of paid filters.

  1. Enlight

This application is ideal for those, who do not want to be limited to the traditional set of tools. You can use a wonderful range of artistic features to improve your pictures. Turn photos into paintings or drawings, add various design effects. Thanks to the «Mask» tool you can change only definite parts of photos. It is very helpful if you mix several effects in the photographs. Since this application has lots of functions, it may take a little longer to figure out how everything works. “Help” function will be very useful in the process of mastering the application. This body editor app is an excellent option to make both simple and more creative changes in your pictures. Buy Enlight only for $3.99 and get incredible photos.

  1. TouchRetouch

The possibility to delete needless elements in the photographs is a distinctive feature of this app. TouchRetouch is an easy to use software, which speeds up photo editing without losing image quality. You just need to select the part that must be removed. The empty space will be filled with pixels from the nearest areas. If you have to get rid of more complex objects, make several attempts to achieve a better result. You can purchase the best photo editing app for only $1.99.

  1. Instagram

Are you fond of posting your pictures on social networks? If you wish to have the pro images, which attract more attention, you won’t cope with this task with the help of only internal Instagram resources. Other applications have a more diverse range of effects and tools. However, if you need to add only a few minor strokes or make small changes, this app will be quite enough. You can customize the basic characteristics, work with perspective, crop, etc. There are a lot of interesting filters to make your shots look stunning. Mind that you can get this app for free.

  1. Aviary

Have a glance at another variant of the best face editing apps. Aviary is known for its reliability and a nice bundle of useful features. You can test either fast one-click effects or improve your pictures manually. Play with brightness, shadows, contrast, etc. and get amazing photos. Moreover, it is possible to fix some minor flaws like red eyes or yellow teeth, add different filters, and stickers.