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How to Improve Community Relations on a Major Construction Job

Being a construction contractor can be a frustrating job, especially when you are working on a major project in the middle of a heavily populated area. Whether it is in a commercial zone or a residential zone, all the noise and inconveniences involved in a job of that magnitude would certainly not do well for community relations.

That’s why it is imperative that you seek ways to appease the locals. You never know when you could lose out on future work because of all the distractions this one job caused to those with the authority to approve your next big bid. Here are some ways to improve customer relations while working that job, and in between jobs, to foster a better view of your company.

Efficiency in Drilling & Other Noisy Processes

At first glance, you might think that efficiency in any drilling process is a way to reduce costs when drilling such things as sanitation lines or when running fiber optic lines. Yes, that is one reason to increase efficiency, but most homes and businesses are highly disturbed by the noise those drills make. It only takes a locator system like DigiTrak to speed up the process, thereby reducing the amount of time anyone in the vicinity will be disrupted by the noise.

If you think that doesn’t make a difference, ask any 10 people what they find to be the most irritating about construction projects going on around them and nine out of those 10 will state emphatically, the noise level! Second only to that is probably going to be the inconvenience of detours and working their way around heavy equipment in the road.

Volunteer for Community Projects

Many construction companies or subcontractors have found that by volunteering their time and heavy equipment (along with operators, of course) to community projects, the residents of that community are a lot more accepting of any noise or traffic jams those companies might inconvenience them with. A little goodwill in the community goes a very long way!

Hire and Promote Locals Whenever Possible

One of the major issues with so many people in today’s corporate world is the fact that so many companies either outsource their work or hire foreign nationals that work for lower pay. This may not be an issue in union states but in “Right to Work” states, it can give that employer a bad name. Many areas of the country are still on the rebound from the years following the market crash of 2008, and as a result, unemployment is still high. Instead of hiring labor from other areas of the country, or the world, it pays to train locals to do the labor. While you can’t very well put someone off the street in the position of being an electrician who needs to be licensed, you can train them to do other jobs within the project which don’t require special certification or licensing.

Creating goodwill within the community could be your very survival as a contractor. Do whatever it takes to establish and maintain positive community relations and then watch your company grow as a result. It’s a two-way street, so do your part and the community will do theirs.


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