The best Pixel 3 screen protectors to keep your phone Pixel perfect

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So you’ve gone and bought a Pixel 3. It’s not hard to figure out why you have purchased one of Google’s phones — it’s probably because you love getting the best Android has to offer, and the Pixel 3’s super-fast Snapdragon 845 processor paired with buttery smooth Android does just that. It certainly helps that it’s not a bad looking phone either, with two-tone glass and a large 5.5-inch P-OLED display.

That display is your window into your Pixel’s world, and without it your phone would become nothing more than a fancy glass paperweight. Don’t let cracks and scratches mar the beauty of your Pixel 3’s screen — grab yourself some protection to keep it covered. Here are the best Pixel 3 screen protectors.

InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard ($45)

Did you know that blue light from your phone can trick your body into thinking it’s daylight, and can make it harder to get to sleep at night? While staying away from devices before bed is a great idea, this screen protector from InvisibleShield means you don’t have to. It’s made from tempered glass, so it’ll provide great resistance to keys and scratches, and protect well against drops and similar — but the headline feature here is the protective Eyesafe layer that InvisibleShield claims will block blue light from reaching your eyes. Unlike software-based solutions, it doesn’t tint the screen a different color while doing it either, which means your experience is uninterrupted. It’s expensive but potentially helpful.

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Skinomi Matteskin Anti-Glare Twin Pack ($8)

Skinomi’s film protector won’t be as protective against bumps and scratches as a glass protector, but the film does still provide good protection against day-to-day wear, dirt, and marks. It has a non-reflective matte finish which gives it anti-glare properties, making the screen easier to see in bright sunlight. It’s fully case compatible, so it won’t interfere with a Pixel 3 case, and it even comes with self-healing properties that mean smaller scratches will fix themselves over time. It won’t yellow over time like some film protectors do, and it comes with a spare, making it exceptionally good value-for-money.

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Olixar Full Cover Glass Protector ($16)

Looking for a reliable tempered glass screen protector that’s not too expensive and won’t let you down? That’s what Olixar is promising to deliver. It’s made from 9H hardness tempered glass and comes with an anti-shatter film that means it won’t fall apart if it does break — keeping glass shards out of your fingers. It’s thin at just 0.33 mm thick, and Olixar boasts of 95 percent light penetration, making it extremely clear, too. It’s a full-coverage screen protector, which means it comes all the way to the edges of your display, ensuring complete protection. It’s not badly priced for a glass protector either.

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IQ Shield LiQuid Fully Body Shield ($16)

Another great film option, this protector from IQ Shield comes with a wet installation method, which applies a layer of solution between the protector and the Pixel 3’s display. This adhesive layer ensures a tight fit with the device. It’s made from a tough film and comes with a multi-layer structure, including an anti-UV layer that prevents yellowing, and a firm protective liner. It won’t guard as well as glass against drops and other heavy impacts, but it will provide great protection against scratches and daily wear and tear. Best of all, this protector also comes with a protector for the back of the phone, especially good if you’re happy to go without a case, but still want scratch and fingerprint protection.

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IQ Shield Amazon

BodyGuardz Pure 2 ($32)

BodyGuardz is becoming increasingly well known for its high-quality screen protector options, and the Pure 2 is one of its best. It’s made from aluminosilicate — a material that BodyGuardz claims is able to provide thinner but more durable protection than regular soda-lime glass found in other glass protectors, and that its protector offers up to five times more scratch protection than the competition. There is also an impact-absorbing, adhesive layer that should ensure some good drop protection. There’s an easy-align tray included for simple installation, and it comes with BodyGuardz’s lifetime replacements policy.

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ArmorSuit Case-Friendly Protector ($14)

As we’ve mentioned, film is never going to be as protective as glass — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be protective. ArmorSuit claims the film used in its film protectors is also used to protect military aircraft, helicopters, and space shuttles, and provides military-grade protection and great durability. It reduces fingerprints left on your display, and also has self-healing properties that close up smaller scratches over time. It has a wet installation method, which ensures a close fit, and it’s quick and easy to apply. With protection against a wide variety of everyday hazards, ArmorSuit’s case-friendly protector is a great film option at a reasonable price.

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SuperShieldz Full Coverage Protector ($11)

Another great option for glass protection, SuperShieldz is well known for supplying strong glass protectors at a great price. This protector comes in a pack of two — giving you an additional protector just in case the worst happens — and is made from 9H hardness tempered glass. SuperShieldz claims it offers a 99.99 percent HD Clarity, and excellent touch sensitivity. Thanks to it being glass, it will protect against scratches and other hazards, as well as hopefully taking the destructive impact of a fall instead of the glass in your Pixel 3’s display. It’s super cheap, especially for two, and the coverage extends all the way over the edges of your display.

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