Don’t just workout for the sake of working out. Use Google Fit to track how much energy you’re burning!


Google Fit is a great app to use to keep track of everything fitness-related, from your workouts to your long-term fitness goals. A common goal is burning more calories or kilojoules, and Google Fit can help with these as well.

Here’s how to measures your calories or kilojoules burned in Google Fit!

Products Used In This Guide

  • Any Android smartphone
  • Google Play Store: Google Fit (Free)
  • Amazon: TicWatch Pro ($250)

How to measure calories or kilojoules burned from your phone

Open the Google Fit app on your Android phone.
The calories burned will be displayed near the middle of the screen.

Tap NUMBER Cal/kJ. This will show how many calories or kilojoules you’ve burned so far that day.


Tap Week to display how many calories or kilojoules you’ve burned this week.

Tap Month to display how many calories or kilojoules you’ve burned this month.


Scroll down to show of breakdown of how many calories or kilojoules you’ve burned in each week of this month.
Tap the arrows next to the month to view your calories or kilojoules burned in previous months.

That’s it! Just keep working out and let Google Fit record your progress. When you’re ready to look back at how hard you’ve worked, everything’s right there in the app.

Our top equipment picks

If you’re all in on Google Fit, it’s worth getting a Wear OS watch to track your workouts right from your wrist.

The best watch for Google Fit

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro


$250 at Amazon

The best Wear OS watch is also the best for tracking your workouts.

The Ticwatch Pro features a GPS tracker, heart-rate monitor, and NFC payments.

The Ticwatch Pro is a genuinely good watch even if you don’t care about fitness tracking. If you do, it’s even better. There’s a GPS chip to better track your jogs, a heart-rate monitor for keeping your beats in check, and an NFC chip so you can leave your phone at home and still use Google Pay.