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Best PC setup for your gaming room

Many gamers now look to setup a room entirely dedicated to gaming, enabling them to completely immerse themselves in whatever game they are playing and get the most out of their experience. Many opt to just set aside a specific area of an existing room though, rather than use a whole room just for gaming purposes; and it is still possible to achieve a great setup this way. The sound system, screen and overall setup of the room are the most important factors.

For a PC gaming room setup, the two most important parts are the monitor and desk. It is entirely feasible to use a setup currently used as a home office as a home PC gaming setup. If the room is solely dedicated to PC gaming though you could look to have several different systems and monitors setup.

Something important that must be considered when designing the set-up of your gaming environment is the distance of your seat away from the screen. It is important not to be seated too close to the screen, but you also don’t want to be too far away from it. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you are playing on a screen that is 60” or more then you should look to be at least 10-11” away from it and every additional 5” the screen is in size you should look to move a further 6” inch away, ensuring the best view whatever the size.

For PC gamers it is important to consider several factors when making a decision on their gaming chair; as a chair is quite an important part of the gaming setup. A chair that is comfortable, easy to move around in, lean back in and adjust the height of is important. It needs to be an office chair with a 5-star wheel base.

The sound system is often overlooked when it comes to setting up a gaming room, which is a shame as a good surround sound system can really enhance the gaming experience and help the player to become immersed in the game. If you can afford it then look at 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 surround sound options. However, if on a budget there are some quality headsets out there that can mimic surround sound.

Possibly the most important decision is which PC you buy for the gaming room. You want to ensure you have one that has enough capability to support the games you are looking to play and provides a great experience. A PC that is dedicated to gaming is recommended for those looking for the ultimate gaming experience. These dedicated PCs are specifically designed with gamers in mind and can handle the toughest of games and highest spec games with ease. They have super-fast processors and usually a top of the range graphics card and even 4K resolution capabilities. They also come equipped with the latest technology meaning that if you want to play online there will be no lag time or loss of connection with wi-fi.

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