Google Duo is starting to work on select Chromebooks

There’s no Pixelbook support quite yet.

Google Duo is one of the best video-chatting apps around, but for all the things it gets right, one of its biggest downsides has been its limitation to your phone number. Google has since resolved this with support for use on multiple phones, and now that’s expanding with support for Chromebooks.


First spotted by the folks at ChromeUnboxed, the latest version of Duo on the Play Store is now compatible with select Chromebooks.

Google’s yet to confirm which models do and don’t work, but at the time of publication, Duo’s been successfully used on the new Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, HP’s detachable Chromebook X2, and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet.

The Pixelbook is the most notable omission, but there’s no reason to believe support for it and other machines won’t be rolled out soon.

If you’ve got a Chromebook, have you gotten Duo to work on it?

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