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Google Chrome now makes it dead simple to add emojis in Chrome OS [Update]

The shortcut’s also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Updated June 4, 2018: First spotted by François Beaufort on Google+, this emoji shortcut is now available in the regular version of Google Chrome (non-Canary) within the Developer Channel. To enable it, enter the same “chrome://flags/#enable-emoji-context-menu” command.

If you own a Chromebook, chances are you’ve been infuriated at one point or another when trying to add an emoji to Twitter, Hangouts, an email, etc. You can technically do so by opening up the on-screen keyboard, but the process is cumbersome and not a great solution by any stretch of the imagination.


However, in the latest version of Chrome Canary, you’ll find a new shortcut that allows you to add emojis to your conversations with just a couple clicks.

Spotted by 9to5Google, this new feature is referred to as the Emoji Context Menu and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux in addition to Chrome OS.

Assuming you’ve already got Chrome Canary, you’ll need to turn on the feature by going to chrome://flags, search for “emoji”, and then enable chrome://flags/#enable-emoji-context-menu.

Once this is done, you can add emojis by right-clicking inside a text-entry field and selecting the new “Emojis” option.

It’ll probably be a few weeks before this feature makes its way to the stable version of Chrome, but even so, it’s plenty exciting to know that something like this is in the works.


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