The thing which will take your business miles ahead is its reputation. Great reputation means returning customers and returning customers always mean great profits – the primary goal of a business. So, with word-of-mouth getting outdated day by day, what’s next? The answer is Google business reviews.

Google business reviews and reviews in general matter more than ever before. Consumers are going through them more often before purchasing items. They are also reviewing those businesses more than ever. The best way to ensure good reputation is good online reviews.

Top 5 reasons to focus on Google business reviews

To take businesses to next levels, online reviews should be taken seriously and be focused on. Here are the top 5 reasons to put your mind to Google business reviews:

  1. Increased user base: 91% of consumers regularly or occasionally use online reviews to determine the credibility of a business. A vast majority of these consumers turn to Google and other online reviews before making purchasing decisions. Since most people trust these reviews so much, businesses should take them seriously. These do affect the reputation of a business drastically.
  2. Ask for reviews: 7 out of 10 consumers leave a review for a business if they are asked to. Not asking for reviews while your competitors are, will leave you lagging behind. Ramping up the reviews can be done by calls-to-action asking for more Google reviews. Place reminders around your store, on your website, email and text them to leave a review of your service.
  3. Max positive reviews, max return: Majority of customers read 10 or fewer reviews before trusting a business. A review system up to the mark is required to maximize the positive reviews. Because 90% of consumers read 10 or fewer reviews before trusting a business, quick dividends are possible. The amount of time taken by the consumers is minor. You just need to assure that those first ten reviews are positive.
  4. Consistent reviews up, consumer trust up: 73% percent of consumers think that reviews that are more than three months old are irrelevant. The stats conclude that if more of your recent reviews are older than three months, consumers lose most of their trust in your business. The more recent your reviews are, more trust you gain from your consumers. As long as your reviews are positive, consistent amount of new reviews can be extremely beneficial. However, if your reviews are recent but negative, they can be detrimental.
  5. High star rating, high trust rating: 58% percent of consumers find the star rating of business the most important and 87% percent consumers need a minimum 3-star rating to trust a business. It’s quick and simple to benchmark the quality of a business. If you are at 2-stars or below your goal should be to at least touch 3-stars. However, it is also about the quality of products and services you offer, so you need to have those on point as well.

A business which needs new consumers or wants their current consumers to be loyal to them, Google business reviews is a great tool. Helpful reviews are collected by offering excellent service, asking for reviews, engaging with consumers and making it simple for consumers to review. Based on this data, you know ramping up positive reviews is a smart move and YEAH! Local can help you in this. Turn to the best web developers in town and know how to revamp your Google business reviews.