Social networks and modern technologies have made our life as simple and convenient as possible. Now you can work from anywhere in the world, order food in one click, and get acquainted with the “man or woman of dreams” with a special application for your tablet or smartphone. Studies of recent years have shown that many couples (including happily married ones) have found each other on dating sites. We have collected five excellent applications that will help you find a pleasant companion, Russian brides or just sex.

  1.      Tinder

One of the most popular and well-known applications for iOS and Android Tinder helps people get acquainted. This dating app appeared in 2012 and immediately became popular. Everything is very simple. You just download and install the application, register via Facebook, and start searching for a couple. You will see photos on the screen. If you swipe to the left, then it means that you don’t like a person, to the right – like. If any person forces your heart to beat more often, you can send “like” and then this person feels that someone really likes him/her very much. Unfortunately, in Tinder, the number of sympathies that can be expressed throughout the day is limited. To make their number unlimited, you need, of course, to buy a premium subscription.

  1.      Badoo

This is one of the most popular applications in the world for dating! More than 180 million people have chosen Badoo for communication, dating, and meeting people. This application can help find out who dances with you in a nightclub, sits in a cafe, restaurant, and other places. You can agree on a dinner with a person who is currently somewhere near you. Also, a chat room where you can talk with someone who lives nearby is at your disposal. Another important advantage of Badoo is the possibility of not only textual communication but also video chats. It’s very cool for this type of application. You can chat in video mode and it’s not so terrible to go on a date, at least, you know that a person is real.

  1.      Happn

Happn is an online dating site from France. It is aimed at people who are somewhere near or use similar routes. This application takes the data about your location as a basis so that it shows possible people for dating. If you are near a person who suits you according to requirements, characteristics, and interests, then his/her profile rises to the very top of the search. After that, you can see his/her photo, send “like”, and start a conversation.

  1.      Pure

Dating for singles Pure will help you find the right couple. To do this, just upload your photo, specify a gender and get acquainted with people who are currently in the vicinity. According to the idea of ​​the creators of the application, this service is an ideal tool for a quick acquaintance. You can tie up the communication in the following way: find a person you like and send a request for additional photos, while not spending time chatting.

  1.      DOWN

This is another version of dating sites but only for casual sex. Here a partner for a pleasant pastime will be chosen from your friends on Facebook. How does it work? Choose a sexually nice friend from Facebook and wait: if this person also has an installed application and you coincide in intentions, you will receive a notification. If a person you like doesn’t answer reciprocally, it’s okay – he/she will never know about your interest and “like”. The main thing is that the application connects only those whose interest to each other is mutual. You can even choose all your friends – they will not suspect your insidious plans on their account.