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Best To-Do Apps for Android


Keeping track of everything you need to get done is easy with these to-do apps!

We all have busy lives. Whether you’re trying to remember to hit the gym, grab that present for your coworker, and still make it to the doctor, keeping track of everything that needs to get done is sometimes easier said than done. That’s where these to-do apps come in, from tons of features to a pared-down UI there is something here for everyone.

These are our picks for the best to-do apps available on Android!

Todoist: To-Do List


Of the many to-do apps that are available, Todoist easily rises to the top. It uses Material Design to deliver an intuitive and easy to navigate UI that offers plenty of options for your tasks. You can separate your lists out by project and use filters to only see the lists that you need access to in a pinch.

It also delivers a calendar that lets you see your tasks for the upcoming week, as well as a daily tab. It even delivers a profile that allows you to take a look at the tasks you have completed recently, which can help to keep you on task and track your progress towards goals. If you choose to upgrade to a premium membership, which will run you $28.99 a year, it gives you expanded access to your history, and delivers new features like the ability to tag your lists. With premium, you can also access your lists across your phone, Android Wear smartwatch, and PC so that you always have access to your to-do list.

Download: Todoist (Free with in-app purchases)

Google Keep


Google Keep is primarily a note-keeping app, but it does have pretty awesome to-do features baked right into it. It should be no surprise that it’s well designed and easy to use since it is Google’s own product. This also means that you may have it installed on your phone already and not even realize it.

You can easily create new lists from the add menu at the bottom of your screen, but to edit existing lists you’ll need to find them within the app. Once you’ve completed a task on your list you can cross it off by editing the list and tapping that item. It will then appear with a slash through it. This makes it easy to keep an eye both on what needs to be done, and what you have already completed.

If there is a list that has priority tasks on it, you can pin it. This will ensure that you can easily find and edit the list while you are out and about. In addition to typing in items for your list, you can also add media. If you have a photo for a project, you can add it to your list to make it easier to find when you need it.

Download: Google Keep (Free)



Any.do is an app that aims to keep you organized through to-do lists, and delivers a beautiful experience while doing just that. You can build multiple lists, and customize each one with the tasks you need to complete. Any.do will also link up with your Google Calendar if you sign up using your Google Account, which means everything is in one place.

When you add items to a list within Any.do, you get access to a range of features that are handy no matter what you’re doing. You can add subtasks to list items, move task items between lists, add reminders, add notes with media attachments, and share list items with colleagues and collaborators. All of this together lets you have real power over everything on your to-do list. Clearing items when you finish a task is easy as well. All you have to do is swipe right across your screen to strike through completed items.

There is also the option to upgrade to a premium membership. You get perks like location-based notifications, allowing more attachments to your lists, customizable colors, and access to a daily planner called Any.do moments.

Download:Any.do (Free with in-app purchases)

Out of Milk


Some of us are just plain bad at remembering what we were supposed to get at the grocery store. Whether it’s forgetting everything on your list, not recalling when you’ve run out of something at home, or keeping an eye out for deals, picking up food for the week is something on just about everyone’s to-do list.

Out of Milk aims to make picking up groceries as easy as possible, while also offering a full to-do feature list. With options to add specific items to your shopping list with barcodes, zip code based deals, and the ability to add a reminder for specific items on your to-do list, there is plenty here to love.

Download:Out of Milk (Free)

Microsoft To-Do


Not everyone needs a productivity app overflowing with tons of features. Sometimes you want something sweet and simple, and that’s exactly what Microsoft To-Do delivers. You can easily add new items to your list, and create multiple lists for separating today’s errands from long-term goals.

Microsoft To-Do syncs between your phone and PC, and offers suggestions the longer that you use it. There is also the option to add reminders for important items on your list, use it as a note-taking app, and you can organize your lists by day so that you never miss anything that needs to get done. Best of all this app is absolutely free.

Download:Microsoft To-Do(Free)


If you are looking for an app to keep track of the tasks you need to do, ProofHub is an excellent choice that will assist you in making informed decisions and steady progression. ProofHub is an all-in-one-project management and team collaboration tool that helps you to effectively manage all your tasks on the go, irrespective of whether you are in the office or not.

This app helps you to always be on top of your schedule by providing you with a centralized dashboard for managing tasks, monitoring progress, and identifying potential problems that may come up in the project. You can access documents, and project files from your phone so that you are consistently up-to-date with the project progression.

Further, the app provides you with a calendar, so you can manage milestones, deadlines, and other events in the app, thereby, eliminating the need for multiple calendars that would result in confusion.

Download – ProofHub (Free with subscription)

What’s on your list?

There are plenty of apps out there that can help keep you on track with your to-do list. Not all of them are created equal though, and this was a collection of the best to-do apps available on Android. Each one has its own pros and cons, but there is definitely an app out there r everyone. is your favorite on your list? Or is there an app that we should have included here? Let us know about it in the comments below!

Update, December 2017: We’ve updated this post with all of the best to-do apps available on Android!