Are you a gadget passionate? Do you like spending time in the bathroom to relax? Would you like to somehow combine these two, if it were possible? If your answer to these questions is yes, here are 7 ingenious bathroom gadgets that anybody should consider adding to their restroom in order to make the experience even more pleasurable.

  1. Chromotherapy Shower

The chromotherapy shower will allow you to change the colours in your shower or bathtub. The mechanism has a lot of potential, as it can induce different states of mind. When it comes to the mental side of things, it can have many benefits – if you were to use a dark colour like black or blue, you could become calmer due to a focus on relaxation. A colour like red is more likely to energize you due to the fact that is very noticeable and puts your body in an alert state of mind. A chromotherapy shower it’s definitely something worth the investment.

2. Automatic Soap Dispensers
We recommend that you give automatic soap dispensers a try. Getting rid of germs is always important because in the long run, it allows you to stay away from colds or diseases. Sometimes, even the contact with the dispenser can give you germs so having a touch-less soap dispenser whose purpose is for cleanliness and health is a very good asset for a homeowner. Its value can’t be underestimated, you can be sure that the risk of germs will decrease.

3. TOTO toilet
The TOTO toilet is a well-worth-the-investment piece for every bathroom. This specific model has features like self-cleaning, closing the lid and an auto-flush feature. The TOTO toilet even has a nightlight feature. The design is sleek and compact. You can’t make a bad purchase if you choose it, many users stand by that.

4. Warming Drawers
As not everybody lives in California or Arizona, where the weather can be consistently warm, for some people a cold bathroom is a serious problem. Using the restroom should be a pleasant experience, as hygiene is one of the most important things to care about. The warming drawers are some appliances one can choose for his/her bathroom in order to keep the things in it and the bathroom overall at a higher temperature. Who wouldn’t enjoy wrapping up in a warm bathrobe or towel, after a quick shower in a cold day?

5. Digital Shower Controls
Digital shower controls are highly recommended for those who want to have a better control over the appliances in their bathroom. If you’ve ever been to a 5-star hotel, you may have encountered this kind of appliance. In most of the bathrooms, if you try to make the slightest turn when taking a shower or even preparing the bathtub, the water can either become really hot or really cold. The digital shower control allows you to make your experience as precise as possible. Having a remote is much better than subpar turning mechanism. It is truly one of the ingenious bathroom gadgets to add to the list of to-buy things.

6. TV
Last but not the least, we can recommend you to opt for installing a TV in your bathroom. For some people, showering isn’t an experience that should be interrupted. For others, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re one of those people who wants to watch the news or a certain show while showering, then this appliance is for you. If you need to get ready and don’t miss your favourite show on TV in the same time, then this gadget would be the perfect choice to upgrade your bathroom. Probably everyone has dreamed of having a TV installed in their bathroom at least once in life so go ahead and fulfil this dream of yours!

Hoped you’ve enjoyed reading this list of the most ingenious bathroom gadgets on the market today. Whether it’s a warming drawer or a TV, we hope to have made your experience in the bathroom better.