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Home News Stay fully charged anywhere with Energizer PowerKeep solar products

Stay fully charged anywhere with Energizer PowerKeep solar products

Why it matters to you

Never worry about running out of power again thanks to these solar-powered power packs and backpacks.

Who needs an outlet to stay fully powered when we have the power of the sun? Certainly not customers savvy enough to invest in the new line of Energizer PowerKeep solar products, all of which make use of state-of-the-art solar charging technology to keep devices charged no matter where in the world their users may be. Developed as part of a partnership between PowerKeep and Energizer, these new solar products prove that you don’t always need a battery or a plug to keep things running.

“As the world moves further into a mobile landscape, we are constantly looking for ways to keep consumers connected to their favorite devices,” Kevin Magenis, CEO of Colorado-based PowerKeep, said in a statement. “These innovative products will allow users to stay charged and enjoy their favorite devices wherever they go.”

To start, there are a total of four Energizer-branded solar products in the PowerKeep portfolio. First up is the PowerKeep 36, described as a strong but remarkably portable four-panel solar power system that includes a power bank battery capable of storing enough energy to recharge a smartphone or tablet with the included USB cable. And depending on your device’s size, you may be able to get multiple charges out of a single power source.

Then, there is the PowerKeep 12, a full recharging kit that comes with a quad battery charger and four rechargeable Energizer AA batteries, as well as a USB cable and a four-panel foldable solar power system (which is to say, the PowerKeep 36). With this particular system, even your battery-operated devices can benefit from the power of the sun.

The PowerKeep Pro promises to be the “executive backpack for mobile professionals and other business people that need power on the go.” Thanks to the addition of lightweight and flexible solar panel technology on the exterior of this pack, along with a 10,000 mAh power bank, you can charge your laptop or phone while it’s inside your bag and while you are on the move.

Finally, PowerKeep has debuted its Wanderer, which features the same thin and durable solar panel technology and power bank as the PowerKeep PRO, but also comes with a full-featured hydration pack. Intended for the outdoorsman or woman who also needs to stay connected to reality, this pack can be useful for all those moments that you need to take a selfie on the top of a mountain.


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