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Ordering ink is less of a hassle with the Brother Refresh program.

Buying toner can be a pain, but now Brother is allowing users to get new cartridges automatically with predictive software and a signal from the printer. Brother Refresh is an automatic toner service — it’s like Amazon Dash, but without even needing to push that button.

More than 70 Brother printer models, including photo printers, are equipped with the tech that predicts when the user will run out of ink, automatically triggering an order before that happens. The system works both through in-printer tech that monitors toner levels and predictive algorithms that determine how much longer that ink will last. The program then automatically orders and ships the correct cartridges.

The manufacturer says the new program was developed to take the hassle out of reordering ink. “We’ve all been there – you need one more page to print when the out of ink or toner message finally proves true, undoubtedly at the worst time,” said Rafi Haqqani, the director of genuine supplies and auto-fulfillment services, Brother International Corporation. “When you have Brother Refresh, you eliminate that frustration and always have replacement ink or toner ready to go. We’re excited to offer this new service to enhance your end-to-end printing experience.”

The company says there are no surcharges or fees for the service compared to ordering online direct from Brother. The program uses genuine Brother Ink, which the company recommends for optimum performance, quality, and protection for the printer.

Signing up for the program involves a simple registration process, the company says, listing the ink and toner cartridges, shipping address and payment method. After registration, the program begins using the built-in printer tech to ship when the current cartridge is running low.

The service is the only direct-from-the-manufacturer fulfillment service for both ink and toner that doesn’t require a contract or subscription fee, Brother says. The new services is a next step after the company became the first ink supplier for Amazon Dash.

The Brother Refresh program is available for both home and businesses, the company says, covering a wide range of printers and ink types, including inkjet, laser, color, and black and white. The auto fulfillment service continues to run along with the Amazon Dash option.