Duplicate files accumulate on your device in the form of digital junk. It identical files not only occupy valuable storage space but it also affects device speed and performance negatively. To remove these unnecessary files, you can perform manual scanning and cleaning of files or you can try duplicate file remover tools for instant and accurate results. One such tool is Duplicate Files Fixer, which offers various useful features to de-duplicate your device instantly.

Features of the App

Select Scan Type: In the beginning of the process, the app provides you multiple scan options to choose from. You can select any specific folder like audio, videos, pictures or documents alternatively you can select full scan mode. When you select full scan mode, the app scans your complete device including SD card (except Android 4.4 OS version) to find and remove all duplicate files. Press “Scan Now” button to initiate the scanning process.

Scan in the process: App uses advanced algorithms to find all similar and exact looking files on your device. It is designed to give you instant and exact results. It scans your device even the remotest corners of it to find and delete all identical files. Scanning process delivers instant results still may take some time scanning your full device in full scan mode. You can stop scanning process whenever you want by clicking “Stop Scanning” button. Next time the app will initiate a whole new scanning process.


Scan results: Scan results are displayed in simple and understandable manner. It displays results in groups in auto-mark format. It retains last files of the group marked to be deleted. “Mark all except last” option allows you to mark first files of the groups. You can “Unmark All” files to manually select them further. Press “Delete Now” button to remove all identical files. Alternatively, you can choose “Backup Now” option to take backup of the files on cloud servers using “Right Backup” tool.

Unmark shortest file location: This is the useful addition of the app which helps you unmark those identical files from the group which exists at the shortest file location of your device storage. At the same time, it will remain mark and remove those identical files from the group which exists at the longest file location.  It helps you quickly access the files on your device.


Ignore list: To exclude any file from the scanning process add that file to Ignore list. It allows you to add or remove any file to Ignore list from internal memory or SD card. Using this feature, you can retain your important files untouched. Using this feature, you can manage your scanning process as well.

Scan filters: You can find few useful scan filters here. These scan filters include same name, same size, and same content filters. Apart of it, you can include 0-byte files or hidden files & folders in documents or full scan mode. Setting these filters, you can refine your scanning process to a larger extent. It can also help you save your time and efforts. Using this feature, you can get improved and accurate results instantly. Alternatively, you can choose “Default Settings” option.

Language: App supports multiple language options. It offers all major language options. Just click on the language of your choice and app will transform all features immediately into your language. It is a useful feature which helps users around the world to perform tasks on this app in the language of their choice. It helps extend user base around the world.

Themes: Two intuitive themes are added to the app to cater different taste users. It offers Classic and Material theme to users. Both the themes are user-friendly and easy to use. Select Classic or Material theme to feel improved user experience.

Verdict: App is designed to provide you improved device performance by de-duplicating it. It helps you recover a lot of valuable storage space occupied in the form of duplicate files on your device. It scans your complete device even the remotest corners of it to provide you instant and accurate results. It allows you to view files in the scan results to help you better manage your scan results. It uses advanced algorithms to find and delete similar and exact looking files on your device. You can use this tool for improved speed and performance of your device. It offers numerous useful features to become a choice of masses.