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Walmart’s app updates aim to help you get more done in less time in its stores

Why it matters to you

If standing in line at Walmart really grinds your gears, we’ve got good news. Walmart’s updated app will help you get more done in its stores in less time.

Your time is money, and it’s not to be wasted in a Walmart line. And Walmart couldn’t agree more. So on Tuesday, the retail giant announced a number of new capabilities in its mobile app that promise to “create a faster, easier, and more convenient experience for pharmacy and money services customers.”

Equally important is Walmart’s promise of a new store experience that will allow customers to forgo lines altogether by using so-called express lanes, which simply require busy individuals to scan their Walmart app, pay using Walmart Pay, and receive an electronic receipt.

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“These capabilities are the latest example of how we’re bringing together all of the conveniences of Walmart – great stores, convenient pickup, easy checkout and a top-notch app – to deliver one seamless shopping experience for customers,” said Daniel Eckert, senior vice president for Walmart Services. “We’re delivering a new and better experience in areas of our business that are essential for busy families. By making them faster and easier, we’re living up to our promise – to save customers money and time.”

In terms of pharmacy updates, the retailer promises easier refills through the Walmart app. Patients will be able to quickly refill medications, track order status, and view pricing and pickup details. “What our pharmacy business is likely most well-known for is our $4 prescription program that has saved our customers nearly $5 billion,” said Paul Beahm, senior vice president for Walmart Health and Wellness Operations. “Starting today, we’ll be known for saving them more than just money. By developing and combining the best of our app with a service that our customers depend on daily, we’re driving change that makes living better easier.”

As for money services, Walmart says it’s going green, allowing customers to avoid messy paperwork and instead enter information securely in the Walmart app before heading to the store. Once they’re ready to complete a transaction, they need only to open the Walmart app and tap “money ready to send,” then enter a PIN or use Touch ID to activate a phone camera. Then they can just scan the code displayed at the register to verify information and make a payment.

So the next time you plan a trip to Walmart, just know that you won’t have to plan on too much time.