Why it matters to you

Keeping tabs on where you parked can be hard. Luckily, Google Maps is here to make it easier for you with a new feature in Android.

You already have to keep track of so much during the day, and so your precious brain space ought not be crowded with petty information like where you parked your car. Luckily, Google Maps agrees, and is here to help. In the app’s newest beta on Android, you’ll be able to tap a little blue dot that represents your car in order to leave yourself a parking reminder. It’s an option that Apple Maps has actually had for quite some time (the iEmpire first began offering its users parking reminders last year), but better late than never, Google.

Once you’ve tapped on that familiar little blue dot, you’ll be able to enter notes and take photos that will help guide you to the exact location of your vehicle. So whether you’re in an expansive parking lot in suburbia or a winding parking garage in the middle of a big city, you’ll have the information you need to find your ride.

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And if you happen to be in a metered spot, Google Maps will also let you input data on how much time you have left, setting a timer to remind you to either high-tail it back to your car, or pay the piper.

While this is all very useful, the bummer is that none of this process is actually automated. That means that while you don’t have to recall the location of your car, you will have to recall the need to manually set a reminder for yourself, and manually enter all the details. This differs from the Apple Maps feature, which does allow users to create parking reminders without having to input a ton of additional information.

As it stands, the Parking Reminders feature is just in the beta version of the Android app. But soon, it’ll probably be coming to Google Maps on iOS, too, and will debut in public form.