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Home News Tackle Super Bowl LI with these super apps

Tackle Super Bowl LI with these super apps

It’s the Super Bowl — by no means does the ritualistic event need any introduction. Before you begin to stuff yourself with nachos and guacamole on Sunday, check out these apps to amplify your experience for the big game.

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Super Bowl LI Houston – Fan Mobile Pass

Super Bowl LI Houston - Fan Mobile Pass

The Fan Mobile Pass is a companion app that provides Super Bowl fans with maps, schedules, and more for Super Bowl events and the game day in Houston. There’s curated content, such as photos and videos, and you can enter giveaways and sweepstakes to win prizes. Register once on your computer or mobile device, and you’ll receive your QR code, enabling you to scan into activities and events. All the up to date photos and videos will show up on your personalized landing page, and you’ll be able to share them on your social media. You can use this app at the NFL Experience Driven by Genesis, Super Bowl Live, Super Bowl Opening Night Fueled by Gatorade, and GameDay Fan Plaza (Super Bowl LI ticketholders only).

Available on:

iOS Android


Clippit App
Sporting events are all about the highlights. Those are the moments that people will be talking about and GIFing for months after the fact. Clippit is your tool for taking the most talked about moments and making them shareable. The app captures up to 30 seconds of live footage and turns it into a shareable clip that you send over social media in just a few taps.

Available on:

iOS Android

NFL Mobile


Maybe you’re stuck in a cab or at work, late for a Super Bowl party. If you’re a Verizon customer, don’t fret, as you can always watch the game live through the NFL Mobile app. If you’re not on the Verizon bandwagon, the app still lets you watch highlights, read stories, and up-to-the-minute scoring. You can also track league and team leader statistics from major categories and browse the NFL Shop store, should you want to pick up some memorabilia.

Available on:

iOS Android


Ibotta App

When you’re doing your shopping before the Super Bowl, picking all the necessities to entertain fans with a hunger for snacks as strong as their one for football, make sure to take this shopping app with you. Not only will you earn rewards and money back when you make your purchases, but you’ll also see some special offers specifically related to the big game.

Available on:

iOS Android


Gamblino App

Place your bets on a variety of topics in Gamblino, and share them with your friends. A recent update to this gambling app allows users to easily set up sports pools, with more than 75 props to choose from, ranging from the coin flip result to whether there will be a safety. Just choose your prop and send it to your friends for them to join, and voila, you have your own private sports pool.

Available on:

iOS Android


Odds App

Big game, big bets. There is always money on the line in the Super Bowl, on just about everything from the coin toss to the final score. Even if you don’t have money riding on the game, the insights provided for gamblers can give you an interesting look at the game. Plus you can see win probability, which Packers fans will tell you means nothing—even when it’s at 99 percent with 5 minutes remaining.

Available on:

iOS Android


Thuuz App

When there are over 100 million people watching the same thing at the same time, you can feel like you’re being left out if you aren’t up on what’s happening. Thuuz is your loophole to catching the good moments without watching the whole game. It’ll alert you to the big plays and you can spend the rest of the game watching the Puppy Bowl.

Available on:

iOS Android


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