Poker has been a well-recognized game for a lot of people, especially since the online Poker boom. If you are an avid online player, you would nevertheless want to associate with Given their recent surge in popularity, the online Poker game has attracted a lot of recreational and amateur players, each of which is seeking 100% entertainment from this online game.

Is 888 Poker trustworthy?

The gaming website is reliable; unlike some of its competitors, 888 Poker has managed to steer clear of any negative publicity, ever since its launch in the virtual world. With this said and done, the company is actively trading on the London Stock Exchange; this means that they are answerable to a board of directors, in the case of any negative events, which might cause the stock prices to fall in the long run.

Apart from being a legitimate company, another fact which makes the website legal is that it pays its players on time. As soon as you ask for your payments to be released, the website will initiate the transfer process, to avoid any problems for the players.

Software quality

If you are looking for a gaming platform which offers stable graphics, with no lag time, then this is your one stop shop for all gaming needs. Along with these features, even software like Holdem Manager is well supported. Some other features include a hand replayer, chat restrictions, an option to choose your favourite seat, as well as an option to top off a stack in pot limit and no limit games being offered.

The gaming platform runs well on Mac and other users. If you are more into mobile gaming, even then you would find this game to be well equipped with the best possible graphics available in the market currently. The 888 poker app runs well on Android as well as on iOS, making it a flexible and customizable game for all types of platforms.

Players’ traffic

As per the website, there is a footfall of 10 million registered players, which gives it the title of being one of the fastest growing online games in the market currently.

Banking options

This is one of the strong areas of 888 Poker; it has made the deposit and withdrawal procedures extremely simple for the users. There are currently 15 different options which cater to withdrawals. However, there are 24 options for depositing money into your gaming account. These include all types of common methods, which include Diners Club credit cards, Giropay and SEB Pank, among many others.

Deposit Bonus

As soon as you make the first deposit, you are entitled to a bonus deposit amount as well. There is a welcome package for new players, who register for the first time on the website. The bonus money is released in $10 increments, which means that you get your bonus over a specified period. However, at the time of receiving the bonus, you might end up losing more than you bargained for, so it’s better to be cautious while playing the different available games on the website.