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Home News News brief: Pixels, pixels, big and small

News brief: Pixels, pixels, big and small


Another Pixel render, a Xiaomi release, and offline YouTube support for some. Here’s all the news you need to know for September 27.

Want to know something cool? I played with a new phone today. Oh, you want to know what it is? OK, I’ll tell you. It’s got a screen, a big, beautiful screen, with lots of colors. And man is it sharp. It’s made of metal, high-quality metal, the kind they make cars from. And probably planes. It’s got a really good camera. Like, a camera so good that it can capture in detail things you want to put on the internet. And man, that battery. Its battery lasts so long you can use it all day, and maybe even longer. But the one thing that really differentiates this phone from all the others is that it runs Android. Have you heard of this Android thing? Man, this phone is really great.

Do you have a phone? You should really think of getting one.

YouTube is getting offline support — in India

Google has announced a new version of YouTube, called YouTube Go, for emerging markets. Like its bandwidth-limiting features in Chrome and a number of other apps, YouTube Go is all about lowering the barrier of entry for video streaming on devices with limited connectivity, and for users with low monthly bandwidth limits. It’s not yet available, but you can sign up to get a notification when it is available.

Moto Z and Moto G4 line getting Nougat soonish

Motorola has told Droid-life that we can expect updates to Android 7.0 Nougat starting in Q4 — “expect to see Android N on the Moto Z family and Moto G4 beginning in Q4,” — which is great news. Because Motorola doesn’t have the best record with expedient updates, I’m not holding out too much hope for all variants to be updated in good time, but at least owners of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force from Verizon shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for improved notifications and Multi Window.

T-Mobile Galaxy S7s getting a nice, juicy update

It ain’t Nougat, but it’s a nice bit of Marshmallow. Or something. T-Mobile is rolling out the September security patch, along with some bug fixes and performance improvements, to its Galaxy S7 and S7 edge units, according to Android Police. No word on when Android 7.0 is coming, but you can bet your butt it won’t be anytime soon. Sorry, were you expecting something else?

Galaxy Note 7 coming to Europe on October 28

The Galaxy Note 7 is coming to Europe earlier than expected. The company announced that it is bringing the Note 7 to countries like the UK, France, and Germany on October 28th, half a week earlier than it initially intended. That turnaround is due to the expedited return of outstanding recalled units, which the company says is approaching 60% of all stock. More

OnePlus 3 invading the UK

OnePlus has tied a carrier deal with O2 in the UK, bringing the OnePlus 3 — one of our favorite phones of the year — to Britain starting on Thursday, September 29. Good news for anyone who doesn’t want to pay full price for a full-featured phone. More

Xiaomi’s new phones are pure hotness

I want one.

Xiaomi’s newest phones, the Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus, are beautiful spec machines, running the latest version of MIUI 8, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There’s no question that the Chinese company is improving its industrial design, but what really strikes me is how enticing they would be to Western audiences. More

Pixel render leaks

We’ve seen leaked photos of the Pixel and Pixel XL last week, and today an alleged press render of both the smaller and larger Pixels have surfaced, giving us another look at Google’s upcoming phone. More

Galaxy S6, S6 edge pick up September patch in Europe

Samsung is issuing the September security patch to Galaxy S6 and S6 edge customers in Europe. The OTA is rolling out right now, and comes in at 140MB.

BBC iPlayer to require login from early 2017

A BBC ID, with postcode information, will soon be required to access the service. The news follows the move to a

Samsung planning Note 7 ad blitz in India

According to Business Standard, Samsung will restart sales of the Note 7 in India on October 7, the same day the iPhone 7 debuts in the country. The company is planning an aggressive ad campaign to inform customers that the new Note 7 units are safe to use:

According to sources, the new Note 7 models will be manufactured separately and not be refurbished versions of the handsets made earlier. Samsung will highlight the fact prominently on packaging and promotional campaigns.

Xiaomi sells over 2.3 million Redmi Note 3 in India

Xiaomi claims to have sold over 2.3 million units of the Redmi Note 3 in India. The tweet from RedmiIndia’s account is no longer available, but the contest page Xiaomi created to commemorate the event is up and running. Want a shot at grabbing a Redmi Note 3 for free? Head here.

India’s Reliance Jio will start home deliveries of SIM cards

Reliance Jio made waves earlier this month when it announced that all customers would receive free 4G data until the end of the year. To combat growing demand, it looks like Jio will kick off home deliveries of its SIM cards.

Canada’s Shomi streaming service to shutter in November

Rogers and Shaw announced yesterday that its two year-old streaming competitor to Netflix, Shomi, is shuttering. With fewer than a million customers (and some saying fewer than 100,000 active users), Shomi never quite got off the ground, even when it was untethered from a cable or internet subscription and made available to all Canadians. It’s a shame, too, because Shomi’s parent companies co-own the streaming rights to many Amazon exclusives, including Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle.


Boost Mobile Buyer’s Guide (October 2020)

Just about everyone knows the names of the “Big Four” top-tier wireless service providers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. But, for every one of these major network operators there are a number of others with their own rates, customer service, and phone selection.These prepaid Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) license towers from the big names in the space.Let’s take a closer look at Boost Mobile and learn about it the brand, its rates, and features.About Boost MobileFollowing the Sprint and T-Mobile merger, DISH has acquired Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile operates in the United States with a nationwide CDMA/LTE network for coverage. It offers pre-paid rate plans which means no long term contracts or obligations.Taxes and fees are included and include unlimited talk, text, and data. Additionally, the come with mobile hotspot capabilities and unlimited music streaming.What deals does Boost offer? Boost Mobile offers a four-line rate plan for $100 when switching from another carrier. Each line gets unlimited data, talk, and text and provides for up to 1GB of hotspot.Which major prepaid carrier has the best $40 rate plan?What are Boost’s rate plans?Boost does not charge for going over your allotted data and taxes are included in the cost. Each plan comes with unlimited data, but only a set amount of it is high speed.$35/month: Unlimited talk, text and 3GB of high-speed data$35/month: Unlimited talk, text and 6GB of high-speed data (Walmart Exclusive)$50/month: Unlimited talk, text, and 35GB high-speed data w/ 12GB hotspot$60/month: Unlimited talk, text, and 35GB high-speed data w/ 30GB hotspotAlthough Boost offers multiple plans with “unlimited” data there are differences between each. Consumers can choose the option that works best for video and music, international calling, and customer service needs. For instance, some may not care whether video is streamed at 1080p or if audio is at 1.5Mbps.5 Plans Under $50Boost recently revised its plans to create five options which cost less than $50 per month. Each comes with its own amount of data and some of them are for new, in-store customers.$10/month: Unlimited talk, text, and 1GB 4G LTE, mobile hotspot (New in-store customers only)$15/month: Unlimited talk, text, and 2GB 4G LTE, mobile hotspot (New in-store customers only)$25/month: Unlimited talk, text, and 5GB 4G LTE, mobile hotspot (New customers only)$35/month: Unlimited talk, text, and 10GB 4G LTE, mobile hotspot$45/month: Unlimited talk, text, and 15GB 4G LTE, mobile hotspotThe $HRINK-IT! plan rewards subscribers for making on-time payments. The price drops five bucks after three payments; it drops another five after six payments. In short, you start out at $45/month and get to $35/month after paying your bill on time for half of a year.SEE: How to unlock your Sprint phoneCan I do multiple line accounts at Boost Mobile?Customers interested in family plans or multiple lines can do so with discounted pricing. As of today Boost Mobile offers a $20 discount when adding a line to one of the unlimited plans.There are currently two rate plans which offer Boost subscribers unlimited data, one for three-line accounts and one for four lines.Other Boost features and offeringsBoost Mobile provides a handful of extras (Boost Extras) to its customers, most of which can pair with the various rate plans. Details include international calling, extra data, HD video streaming, and phone insurance.Boost Mobile offers a $25 referral credit for anyone you have sign up for its service. Both get an account credit once your friend activates, pays for an eligible monthly plan and registers their new number.A Boost Perks mobile app lets customers save money with partner brands such as AMC, Papa John’s Sams’s Club, Costco, and others.What phones does Boost offer?Take a peek at the current lineup of Android phones offered through Boost and you’ll find familiar names from brands like LG, Samsung, and Motorola. There are also devices from the likes of Coolpad, ZTE, and Wiko, too.As we often see with a lot of prepaid providers, phone selection is a mixed bag, leaning more more toward affordability as opposed to performance. With that said, we do recognize there are some incredibly robust and current models, including the Samsung Galaxy S20.For those looking to save money there are also a handful devices which are certified pre-owned, meaning that although they were once used by someone else, they come with a guarantee/warranty.Can I use my own phone with Boost Mobile?You can often use your current CDMA phone, especially if it was previously paired with Sprint. Head to Boost’s website to check whether your specific model is supported. Also, we’re seeing a growing trend of unlocked phones with support for Sprint/Boost bands.

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