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Art and technology collide in new VR Chrome experiment

The Google Chrome team is always cooking up interesting new experiments, and the latest, called Virtual Art Sessions, is a neat foray into merging art and technology. With Virtual Art Sessions, you can watch six artists compose works inside of a virtual 3D Space. Each piece is interactive, allowing you to pan, rotate and zoom in 360 degrees to get a better look at each work.

As for the tech behind experiment itself, Google says that it makes use of V8 Javascript Engine. From the Chrome Blog:

Virtual Art Sessions makes use of Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine for high-performance processing power to render large volumes of data in real time. This includes point cloud data of the artist’s physical form, 3D geometry data of the artwork, and position data of the VR controllers. It also relies on Chrome’s support of WebM video and WebGL to produce the 360° representations of the artists and artwork – the artist portrayals alone require the browser to draw over 200,000 points at 30 times a second.

For more on how the art was created, be sure to check out the “behind the scenes” video above. And to interact with the experiment, head to the Virtual Art Sessions page in Chrome.