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Home News OnePlus 2 update to OxygenOS 2.2.1 gives RAW support to its camera

OnePlus 2 update to OxygenOS 2.2.1 gives RAW support to its camera


The OnePlus 2 is getting a new software update that among other things adds RAW support to its camera. The OxygenOS 2.2.1 update is rolling out now, so owners should start to see it on their phones any time now.

It’s still a relatively small update, here’s the full list of whats new:

  • RAW support in OnePlus Camera
  • Bluetooth compatibility improvement
  • Ultra SIM compatibility improvement
  • GMS 3.0 upgrade
  • Improvement for roaming issues
  • Fix for occasional image corruption issue in OnePlus Camera
  • Security patch update
  • Romanian language support

Importantly this update also seems to include the February security patch from Google. So for now, at least, it’s up to date on that front. If you don’t see it right away, sit tight. These things usually take a few days to reach everyone. If you’ve already snagged it, let us know how you’re finding it in the comments below.

Source: OnePlus



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