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Lenovo renames Moto’s Twitter account


As part of their rebranding efforts related to Motorola, Lenovo updated the name on the company’s Twitter account. The account is now @Moto_USA and is named “Moto US” to reflect the dropping of the Motorola brand.

To kick off 2016, Lenovo announced that they would be dropping the Motorola name from their branding efforts. This does not mean the company is dropping Motorola’s line of devices though and they are keeping the Moto brand name for what will become the company’s higher end devices. The Moto devices will join Vibe devices in Lenovo’s branding portfolio.

Lenovo has already announced they have plans for a new Moto smartphone to be launched this summer. Leading up to that Lenovo will be working to implement a variety of changes to effectively purge the Motorola brand so that Moto can stand on its own. This move to rename the Twitter account is one of those steps.

source: Moto US (Twitter)

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