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Here’s how to get Twitter’s Best Tweets on your timeline


In February, Twitter received a ton of heat when BuzzFeed uncovered that the company was going to introduce a new way in which tweets would be presented to users. The timeline would be restructured to have tweets from different times shown next to each other, a clear departure from the chronological order currently presented. Twitter stepped forward, though, to say things wouldn’t be changing very much and users would have the option to accept or reject the new approach. It turns out the Best Tweets feature is really just an extension of the existing “While you were away…” banner which appears when a user hasn’t checked his or her timeline for long periods of time.

Let’s get Best Tweets on your timeline so you never miss out on anything important.

  • Head over to the Play Store, search “Twitter,” and launch the download to install the app on your phone or tablet.
  • Create a new Twitter account or log in to your existing one. Just give the app a minute or two to sync up with your profile.
  • Select the button at the top right of the app to display the dropdown menu. Here, you’ll need to head into Settings.
  • Since Best Tweets involves your timeline, select Timeline.
  • And now all you have to do is check the box to the right of Best Tweets’ description.
  • Now all of the best content from your friends and other favorite accounts will appear atop your timeline upon returning after a break from Twitter. Best Tweets will mix in stuff from the past with current tweets in a seamless layout; therefore, the only way you’ll actually know if a tweet is recent or not is by checking the timestamp.

    If you want to disable Best Tweets after feeling it waters down the real-time aspect of the service (because I know I do), follow the same exact directs and uncheck the box in the final step.

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