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Best Nexus 6P cases


Google lately declared its latest Nexus phone made with Huawei in collaboration. The newest android Marshmallow is featured by this strong phone and up to now, is one of not many smartphones to have that OS. Together with the proclamation of the Nexus 6P, arrived a number of cases to coordinate with the device, including flip cases and snap on covers.

Below is a list of some of the best cases that you can grab for your Nexus 6p today.

DGtle Anti-Scratch TPU Case


A basic lightweight and adaptable case produced using TPU, which makes it brilliant for protection against scratches and drops.

  • Colors: Clear, Black, Hot Pink, Purple, Mint, Black, X-Clear
  • Price: $7


AceAbove Premium Leather Wallet Cover w/ Card Slots


This flip case is produced using manufactured cowhide which has a closure that is magnetic. The case gives protection far better than normal cases against dust and other moisture, and it has pockets on the inside for storing money and cards.

  • Colors: Black/Red
  • Price: $16


Moment Dextrad Dual Layer Armor Defender Case


On the off chance that you need to keep up the fresh-out-of-the-box look of your Nexus 6P within moderate cost, then this the case for you. Using two layers, made of polycarbonate and TPU, this case has all the exact cutouts to keep a nice fit and and protect the phone from drops at every angle.

  • Colors: Luxury Gold, Coral Gold, Silver, Green, Grey, Black
  • Price: $8


LK Ultra Case


This is another one of the simpler cases, made from TPU and capable of resisting scratches and stains. And, despite being so slim, the case still absorbs shock when dropped and prevents the Nexus 6P from completely shattering.

  • Colors: Black, Clear, Hot Pink, Mint, Purple
  • Price: $8


LK Wallet Case


This is a flawless wallet case with plentiful space to keep your stuff. It has a closure which is also magnetic and the maker even gives numerous color options. The main drawback with this case is the thin cowhide covering that’s rather easy to get wear down and, because there’s no dark option, get dirty.

  • Colors: Mint, Hot Pink, Purple, Sky Blue
  • Price: $10


Verus High Pro Shield Case


Verus’ High Pro Shield Case for the Nexus 6P is a solid and sturdy double-layered case. This spread gives better than average protection against drops and substantial impacts as it is made with a blend of TPU and polycarbonate layers.

  • Colors: Red, Electric Blue, Satin Silver, Shine Gold, Steel Silver
  • Price: $17


Adopted Protective Case


If you want a simple case with no extras for your Nexus 6P, Adopted’s Protective case could definitely suit you perfectly. There might not be any extravagant attributes here, but you will have a strong case that can help safeguard your Nexus 6P from falls, scratches and scrapes. The prices are not on the cheapest range, but $20 is not an awful selling price at all.

  • Colors: Carbon, Clear Frost
  • Price: $20

[Google Store]

IVSO Hybrid Kickstand Case


We have as of now clarified how great double layered cases are and this case is the same. One other thing that makes this an awesome case is the cost offered making it best esteem for cash choice.

  • Colors: Blue, Black, Purple, Red
  • Price: $6


KuGi Ultra-thin Case


The most minimalistic case you’ll find is KuGi’s. It barely covers the sides of the Nexus 6P while leaving the top and bottom fully exposed.

  • Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Gold
  • Price: $8


JUSUN Tough Rugged Case w/ Kickstand & Stylus


Another multi-layered case particularly intended for the Nexus 6p, JUSUN’s offering is rugged and does everything you want. Aside from protecting your phone to the extreme, it has a kickstand for optimal viewing experiences and a stylus is included for when your fingers are a little tired from texting all day.

  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Purple
  • Price: $9



Cases are not really necessary for the full functionality of a phone to be utilized, but there are people that usually have shaky hands or are naturally fond of maintaining the “brand new” nature of their devices. For such people, it is important to get one of these cases, even though this is not where the list stops as other companies are constantly producing theirs.

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