Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Yahoo Mail app lets you customize your inbox swipes


Yahoo debuted a new Mail app back in the fall, and today the mobile software is getting a few new features. First, both the Android and iOS versions will allow you to customize your swipes. This means that when you’re looking at your inbox, you can opt to swipe right to archive or swipe left to mark as spam. Other actions include starring a message and marking it as read. When using a long press to select multiple messages, you can now star a group of emails or mark them as spam from the so-called multi-select toolbar in the app.

For the iOS version, Yahoo is looking to make hunting for the file you’re trying to attach easier. The app will display a collection of recently received photos and files alongside a search bar so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. The iOS version also allows you to create, delete and rename folders and subfolders with a long press. Android users can now move or star messages as soon as they arrive. Thanks to actionable notifications, you can deal with an email the moment it arrives on your device. Updates for both OSes are rolling out today.

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