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Virtual reality isn’t forcing HTC to sell headquarters


Northern Taiwan, in the Xindian District, is where HTC calls home. The company’s headquarters is located there, but recently it was believed that HTC would have to leave to generate money to pour into its virtual reality efforts. Today, DigiTimes is reporting that HTC will not be relocating from the Xindian District. The Taiwanese company told the local publication to disregard the previous report that claimed it would be seeking a new home.


HTC CEO Cher Wang reassured the public during CES 2016 that high-end devices — phones and virtual reality devices included — will continue to be manufactured in Taiwan. She even addressed the relocation rumor and shot the report right down. As we learned yesterday, the Vive Pre is a sign that HTC wants to be involved in virtual reality hardware and not just concepts for other companies to use.

Even though the company isn’t selling its headquarters, HTC scored $184.5 million by dumping off an office building and factory in Taoyuan.

Source: DigiTimes

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