Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SlimType is a QWERTY keyboard cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6


Galaxy S6 QWERTY SlimType keyboard

It seems that BlackBerry isn’t alone in wanting to revive the QWERTY keyboard for mobile phones, as Norwegian company One2Touch has just unveiled its own physical keyboard accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but not the Plus model, called the SlimType.

The SlimType connects up to the Galaxy S6 through NFC, rather than the Bluetooth connection that you would usually associate with wireless keyboard accessories, and it doesn’t need its own battery pack either. The keyboard requires a dedicated app from the Play Store to use, but after that you’re good to go. There are even hotkeys for email, web and search, along with a dedicated emoji button.

SlimType keyboard functions

The keyboard is integrated into a slim case that simply clips onto the back of the smartphone and is manufactured from a comfortable textile surface. Although this does mean that there’s nothing to prop the screen up, so you’ll probably only be using it while lying the phone flat. Personally, I think it’s a more elegant looking design than Samsung’s own QWERTY keyboard accessory for its Galaxy smartphones, but perhaps not as practical.

One2Touch has not announced when its keyboard will actually hit store shelves yet, but the company is already taking reservations through its official website. The SlimType will be available for just $39 for a limited time after launch. Customers can have their pick of Black Sapphire, Cherry Red or White Pearly color options.

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