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Google has made $31 billion from Android, $22 billion of which is profit

The most well-known fact about the Android operating system is that it is open and free for anyone to pick up and work on. While it’s obvious Google is well oiled machine and gets plenty of money from advertising, we’ve been wondering for the longest time exactly how much money Google has been making from running Android specifically – and it hasn’t helped that Google keeps this information as one of its most highly guarded secrets. While this is definitely still the case, a series of financial figures has been released by Oracle in an ongoing lawsuit that alleges that Google has been using Java without properly remunerating Oracle. Much to Google’s behest, it has been revealed that Google has made $31 billion from Android, $22 billion of which is profit.

For those wondering exactly where this colossal amount of money comes from, it primarily comes from two sources: advertisements and taking a cut from Google Play transactions. While Google has been afraid that the release of these financial figures will affect their company adversely on the stock market, some business analysts have said that Oracle’s interpretation of Google’s financials lacks “granularity”; it’s impossible to tell whether Android is getting more money from any one part of the world, emerging market or not, meaning that investors likely won’t be too concerned by the released figures.

What do you think about the fact Google has made $31 billion from Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Bloomberg via The Verge

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