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Gameloft’s successful 5th installment of the Dungeon Hunter series, aptly named Dungeon Hunter 5, is receiving an update that players of the title are sure to love, Co-Op mode.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Now you will be able to partner up with up to 3 other players as a party of 4 and take on the challenges of the game. If you fall short a player you will pick up replacement AI henchmen to help give you a fighting chance. Co-Op mode will important as it includes a new weekly quest system that rewards you with Minion Shard. Those shards, in return, help you craft new brutal minions to protect your stronghold from raiders. If you complete all quests each week you can snag yourself a special shard needed to summon a 4-star Featured minion.

The update also brings along a number of other note worthy things. There is a new map: the Ashkan Breeding Grounds along with some Chinese News Years celebrations events dubbed the Temple of Bells and an exclusive monkey themed armor, weapon and trinket.

The update is out now for iOS and Android with Windows rolling out soon.

Dungeon Hunter 5 (Playboard) | Dungeon Hunter 5 (Play Store)

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