Facebook already let owners of the latest iPhones take advantage of’ 3D touch in iOS for post shortcuts. With a staggered rollout, the social network is now releasing more features that leverage the tech, but it could take some time before they make it to your phone. The app will let you peek and pop to view profiles, take a closer look at photos or to preview web links, pages, groups and events. The app’s icon is getting another shortcut too, an option that will take you directly to your timeline.

There’s one big caveat, though. Facebook says only a small number of users will see the new 3D Touch features immediately and the widespread rollout will take place over the next few months. This means you could be in for quite the wait before the tools are available to you. As you’re probably aware, Instagram already offers the peek and pop previews on iOS. Heck, it even has a similar feature in its Android app, so let’s hope Facebook doesn’t drag its feet too much here.

Source: The Verge