Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Donald Trump gets his own blustery programming language


Have you ever wondered what code would look like if it were dictated by a presidential candidate’s grandiose statements rather than such radical concepts as accuracy and logic? No? Well, you’re going to find out regardless. Rice University students Chris Brown and Sam Shadwell have created TrumpScript, a Python-based programming language that takes Donald Trump’s philosophy a little too literally. For a start, it won’t deal with either floating point numbers or any number smaller than 1 million — America doesn’t do anything halfway or deal with the small stuff, you see. It also won’t allow users from China or Mexico (you can’t even use import statements), insists on ending programs with “America is great” and refuses to admit to most of its failures.

You can tinker with the TrumpScript code right now, although the creators warn that it might not work properly. That’s not surprising given that it was whipped up in less than 20 hours as part of a hackathon. However, the presence of source code lets you not only fix flaws yourself, but add your own features — you don’t have to wait to slip Trump’s latest audacious soundbite into your syntax. Whatever you think of the man, it’s clear that Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t the only well-known political figure with his own computer code.

[Image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Via: Inverse, Mashable

Source: GitHub

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