I don’t know about you, but other than my phone and my wallet, I still misplace a lot of random things. My keys being on of them, to the point that I have a huge lanyard and a couple of random keychains so that it’s so large that it’s next to impossible to misplace. But it still happens.

With technology ever-evolving, there has been a rise of Bluetooth trackers to help everyone find those items that they constantly misplace. Today’s deal is for a great Bluetooth tracking device from Lapa that will help you find whatever it’s attached to.

You may be wondering how you can find the misplaced items once the Lapa has been attachedonce the Lapa has been attached. Well, there’s an accompanying application that tells you how far away you are from the Lapa so you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where your keys went. There’s also an LED light and beeper built-in that can be activated from within the app to make the Lapa stand out and find your items in a hurry.

  • Replaceable battery lasts 6 months
  • App works via Bluetooth on most any smartphone
  • Text alert automatically sends when you leave things behind
  • Optional alert via social reaches out to your network when an item is lost
  • Built-in beeper & LED light

Normally priced at $25, you can save 20% and get the Lapa for only $19.99. That’s a great deal to save yourself from the headache of misplacing items and to help ensure that you make it to work on time when you misplace your keys. Of course, you can use the Napa on more than just keys via the small hole on the Lapa itself. So give this a whirl and stop losing things all the time.

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