Some YouTube for Android users are beginning to see a buffer progress bar on paused videos, according to a new report from Android Police. When a video is paused, a buffer progress overlay is now right below the pause button, showing users just how much of the video has been downloaded/buffered.

Not only does it show you much has been downloaded, but it also shows the total data size of the video. Images sent to Android Police from its community of users show that the video will continue to buffer while it’s paused, and when it’s finished downloading, the overlay will change to “Ready to watch.”

YouTube for Android previously wasn’t very friendly to those on poor connections, as it would only buffer just a little bit ahead, requiring those on slower speeds to constantly pause and resume the video. This new feature would eliminate that problem.

It doesn’t seem that users will need to update their Android app for the new feature either. Users as far back as version 10.37.58 from September are seeing the change as well, according to Android Police.

YouTube will no doubt test out this feature with a select amount of users for the next couple of weeks before rolling it out to its hundreds of millions of viewers.

source: Android Police

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