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Home News Huawei Watch getting a female-friendly makeover, Gen 2 in 2016

Huawei Watch getting a female-friendly makeover, Gen 2 in 2016

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The Huawei Watch made waves in 2015 by bringing to the Android Wear landscape some of the classiest aesthetics we’ve seen. The looks came with a high price for a smartwatch, but the power under the hood was enough to justify the pricetag for many consumers. However, the Huawei Watch’s large face and relative thickness (11mm) made the device a little bit too clunky for members of the population with slender wrists. Women as a whole were less likely to choose the Huawei Watch, if not for its size then for the fact that it’s overall design makes it look as though it would smell like cologne and aftershave. Now Huawei seems to be trying to reclaim this lost demographic by unleashing a new set of variants specifically designed to look more feminine.

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Although we don’t have any details on the new variants, we expect that these changes will be entirely aesthetic, leaving the under-the-hood specs untouched. Gold seems pretty hot right now as well, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a luxury model plated in everyone’s favorite shiny metal. We’ll know more once we hit CES in January, where Huawei is expected to showcase their new line.

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However, the astute buyer may wish to refrain from jumping on one of these new smartwatches. Huawei is also rumored to be developing a second generation Huawei Watch to be released in mid-to-late 2016. Our bone-casters and scrying mages say that the Gen 2 model may be cellular, seeing as the functionality is now supported by Android Wear.

If you’re interested in getting a classy Huawei Watch of your own, click the button below to price them on Amazon. If you’re an owner of a Huawei Watch, let us know how you’ve enjoyed your experience with the device so far in the comments.

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