In recent weeks several sources have been stoking the flames of intolerance on the coat tails of recent terrorist incidents. Jumping into this fray is Google CEO Sundar Pichai who penned an open message on Medium calling on people to “not let fear defeat our values.”

The values that Pichai believes are being threatened include tolerance and open-mindedness, strengths that he says are rooted in America’s history of being a country of immigrants.

Pichai also extols the idea of America being a “land of opportunity.” He demonstrates this by recounting his own personal history of coming to the U.S. from India 22 years ago. Upon arriving, he was able to attend school, work hard and ended up building a life here.

Pichai indicated in his post that he was hesitant about posting his message as it seems any attempts at discussion merely fan the flames. Do you think his message was a good move?

source: Sundar Pichai (Medium)

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