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Home News Google toots own horn with links to apps on homepage

Google toots own horn with links to apps on homepage


If you have a new smartphone or tablet, whether Android or iOS based, Google hopes you will consider installing and using some of their apps on your device. In case you have not noticed, Google has recently taken to unbundling several of their services and platforms, possibly as part of a strategy to counter arguments they are using their lead position in search in an unfair manner. However, in a bit of an unusual move for Google, the landing page for their primary search service currently includes a couple links to help promote their own apps.

Google usually shies away from self-promotion like this on their homepage. Even in cases when they do include links other than search or “I’m Feeling Lucky” it is usually to help promote some worthy cause that they are supporting. With so many new devices in the hands of consumers though, it probably makes sense to strike while the iron is hot.

The link for “the best of Google” for Android users leads to the Play Store and a group of ten of Google’s own apps. They range from basic apps like Gmail or YouTube to more narrow ones like Snapseed for image editing.

The choices for iOS users are much more extensive. The link leads to the Apple iTunes store where users will find apps divided between those for iPhones and those for iPads, though there is quite a bit of overlap. In all, there are 62 iPhone apps and 47 iPad apps, representing the entire library of Google apps on the platform.

There is no telling how long Google may keep the links up for quick, direct access to some of their apps. Hit the source link if you want to check them out and get more details or give one of the apps a spin.

source: Google
via: MobileSyrup

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